ARMember Capabilities List

Here is a list of Capabilities of admin panel pages of ARMember.

ARMember Pages Capability List

  • Manage Member: arm_manage_members
  • Manage Plans: arm_manage_plans
  • Configure Plan + Signup Page: arm_manage_setups
  • Manage Forms Page: arm_manage_forms
  • Content Access Rules: arm_manage_access_rules
  • Drip Rules Page: arm_manage_drip_rules
  • Manage Subscriptions: arm_manage_subscriptions
  • Payment History: arm_manage_transactions
  • Email Notifications: arm_manage_email_notifications
  • General Settings: arm_manage_general_settings
  • Profile & Directories: arm_manage_member_templates
  • User Private Content: arm_manage_private_content
  • Manage Paid Posts: arm_manage_pay_per_post
  • Coupon Management: arm_manage_coupons
  • Badges & Achievements: arm_badges
  • Reports Pages: arm_report_analytics
  • Add-ons page: arm_manage_feature_settings

ARMember Dashboard Widget Capability List

  • Admin panel dashboard widgets: arm_admin_dashboard_widgets

ARMember Access Rules Metabox Capability List

  • WordPress admin panel Add/Edit Page/Post: arm_content_access_rules_metabox