ARMember Capabilities List

Below are the various capabilities that the admin panel pages of ARMember offer. These capabilities can be effortlessly provided to any role, allowing you to customize the access and permissions for each role according to your requirements. Additionally, these capabilities are flexible and can be assigned to any custom role as well.

The site owner can make a decision about which admin panel pages can be given rights to the pages as per their role. You can assign these capabilities to any roles with the help of the third party plugins available at the One of those plugins are User Role Editor or Advanced Access Manager.

ARMember Pages Capability List

  • Manage Member: arm_manage_members
  • Manage Plans: arm_manage_plans
  • Configure Plan + Signup Page: arm_manage_setups
  • Manage Forms Page: arm_manage_forms
  • Content Access Rules: arm_manage_access_rules
  • Drip Rules Page: arm_manage_drip_rules
  • Manage Subscriptions: arm_manage_subscriptions
  • Payment History: arm_manage_transactions
  • Email Notifications: arm_manage_email_notifications
  • General Settings: arm_manage_general_settings
  • Profile & Directories: arm_manage_member_templates
  • User Private Content: arm_manage_private_content
  • Manage Paid Posts: arm_manage_pay_per_post
  • Coupon Management: arm_manage_coupons
  • Badges & Achievements: arm_badges
  • Reports Pages: arm_report_analytics
  • Add-ons page: arm_manage_feature_settings

ARMember Dashboard Widget Capability List

  • Admin panel dashboard widgets: arm_admin_dashboard_widgets

ARMember Access Rules Metabox Capability List

  • WordPress admin panel Add/Edit Page/Post: arm_content_access_rules_metabox

ARMember Affiliate Addon Capability List

  • Manage Affiliate: arm_affiliate
  • Manage User Commission: arm_affiliate_commision_setup
  • Manage Referral: arm_affiliate_referral
  • Manage Payouts: arm_affiliate_payouts
  • Affiliate User Visits: arm_affiliate_visits
  • Affiliate Statistics: arm_affiliate_statistics
  • Manage Banners: arm_affiliate_banners
  • Affiliate Settings: arm_affiliate_option
  • Migration: arm_affiliate_migration

ARMember Online Courses Addon Capability List

  • Manage Courses: arm_manage_courses

ARMember Group Membership Addon Capability List

  • Group Membership: arm_gm_membership

ARMember Social Community Addon Capability List

  • Community Settings: arm_community_settings
  • Community Activities: arm_community_activity
  • Community Groups: arm_community_group

ARMember Digital Download Addon Capability List

  • Manage Downloads: arm_dd_item
  • Download History: arm_dd_download
  • Download Settings: arm_dd_setting

ARMember Zapier Addon Capability List

  • Zapier Settings: arm_zapier_setting

ARMember Gift Addon Capability List

  • Manage Gifts: arm_manage_gift
  • Gift Payments: arm_manage_gift_transactions

ARMember Direct Login Addon Capability List

  • Direct Login: arm_direct_logins