Admin Dashboard Widgets

ARMember Provides you a Dashboard widgets to easily track your site statistics. Also, you can allow displaying these admin dashboard widgets to other roles of users by simply assign arm_admin_dashboard_widgets capability to the user.

There are three widgets available in dashboard:

ARMember Statistics

Here you can track site statistics like Total Members, Membership Palns, Inactive Members, Active Members, Panding Members & Terminate Members.

Also you can see ARMember Add-Ons.

ARMember dashboard statstic

ARMember Recent Members

Here you have a graph of last month’s added members. And also have a list of 6 recently added members with their membership plan. You can view all members by clicking on View All Members button.

ARMember dashboard recent members

ARMember Recent Payments

Here you have a graph of recent members by membership plan. And also This widget will keep track of recently made payments along with information of Username, membership plan, amount & payment status. You can view all payment history by clicking on View All Transactions button.