Synchronization with WP users

When ARMember plugin will be installed, Existing members will be treated as WordPress Default members, And those members are activated by default.

ARMember has unique member management along with easy user interface.List all the members of a site and will also list all wordpress users which were already created before. This extensible membership plugin provides a grid layout with:

  • Search Member option
  • Plan wise member filtering option
  • A Quick glance to all basic details of a member (user details like:Username, Email Address, Membership, Role, Status, Joined date etc.)
  • Show/Hide Columns to manage columns in grid representation
  • Sortable Columns
  • Add new members manually
  • Row options:
    • Edit member profile
    • View member profile
    • Change member status
    • Delete member
  • Bulk actions: Delete Members and Change Members’ plan – (migrating members to membership plans )


Show / Hide columns

You are able to display only your required columns from this option. For example if you want to show Avatar and hide User ID column then click on Show / Hide columns button, Check Avatar and Uncheck User ID from list of columns.

Bulk Actions

This option will be helpful when same action need to be performed on multiple user rows at same time.

  • Delete

    Select number of rows that you want to delete and select Delete Bulk Action then click on Go button.

  • Change Plan To

    Same as Delete action, To change subscription plan of members very easily, select members and select Plan that you want to assign to all selected members and click on Go button.

    When member’s plan changed by Admin, Membership History will be added as New Subscription with Manual payment.