Front sidebar widgets

ARMember provides ready to use sidebar widgets with custom options for front-end.

  • Member Form Widget

    You can easily add your registration, login, forgot password or change password form in sidebar using this widget.


  • Latest Members Widget

    This widget will display recently added members list or slider. You can limit the number of recent members to display. Other Slider effects are available: Slide, Fade, Direct Scroll, Cover, Uncover


  • ARMember Login Widget

    This widget will Display currently logged in Member profile.


  • ARMember Close Account Widget

    Users can easily close their account from your site using this widget


  • ARMember Current Membership Widget

    This widget displays current membership plan for logged in users if they purchased.


  • ARMember Drip Content Widget

    If you want to drip content from the user into sidebar then you can do this by using Drip Content widget.


  • ARMember Logout Widget

    By using Logout widget users can logout from their account from anywhere where the widget displays.


  • ARMember Payment Transaction Widget

    By using Payment Transaction widget users can view their payment transaction if they have done.


  • ARMember Plan Info Widget

    By using Plan Info widget users can view their plan detail if they have purchase. plan detail contains:

    • Start Date
    • End Date
    • Trial Start Date
    • Trial End Date
    • Grace End Date
    • Paid By
    • Completed Recurrence
    • Next Due Date
    • Payment Mode
    • Payment Cycle


  • ARMember User Badge Widget

    Using User Badge widget user can view their achieved badges if you have enable Social Feature module from ARmember > Add-ons page


  • ARMember User Info Widget

    Using User Info widget user can view Information like:

    • User ID
    • Username
    • Display Name
    • First Name and Last Name
    • User Plan
    • Avatar
    • Custom Meta


  • ARMember User Private Content Widget

    If you want to use User Private Content facility in sidebar widget then you can use User Private Content widget


  • ARMember User Profile Widget

    If you want to use User Profile facility in sidebar widget then you can use User Profile widget