Provide Specific Content Restriction

ARMember plugin provides facility to add partial content restriction using shortcode in editor at time of add/edit post, page.


There are following options for adding content restriction:

  • Restriction Type

    You can set restriction type like, whether you want to hide/show content to targeted users.

  • Target Users

    You can apply restriction to Loggedin user, non-loggedin user, all created plan in your system.

    If no option is selected then restriction type will be apply for “Everyone”.

WARNING: Partial Content Locker will not work when current logged in user is Administrator. As Administrators do have full access to all content.


Enclose your content in shortcode that you want to show conditionally. For ex., if you want to show content1 only if user is logged in and content2 if user is not logged in, then content restriction shortcode need to be formed as below :


Remove [armelse] part from shortcode if you don’t want to show your content conditionally.

Suppose, you want to show your content1 if user is logged in and show content2 anyway, then shortcode should be as follow:


In such way you can show/hide specific page content based on membership plan of user too. Suppose you want to hide content1 if user have membership plan of ID 1 or 3, then use shortcode as below :


In this way, you can partially restrict your content of page/post.