Pre Populate Field Support

Often a form will contain several generic fields that many respondents will answer in the same way. Rather than making users fill in these fields, which can be repetitive and time consuming, you can pre-populate them with the correct information so that, when users open the form, these fields will already be filled in. To do so, you will need the form’s URL and the variable names associated with the fields they want to fill in.

Field values can be passed into a form by appending them to the form’s URL using the following structure:


Replace baseURL with the form’s URL, variable1 with the name attribute associated with the field to be filled in and value with the appropriate plan's ID value. To fill in multiple fields, insert the ampersand symbol (&) before any additional variables:

For Example:

The result of above example will be like – the plan with plan id value 2 will get selected.

Follow these steps to set up a pre-filled field

  1. Get your site URL.
  2. Gather all the field name’s meta keys so that it can be added to the URL.
  3. If you wish to pre-fill any of the inbuilt fields available at the default form, then you can get its meta key from ARMember General Settings Edit preset fields.
  4. Once you have the field name and its meta key then you can add this at the URL to any of the button or at any page, and then when anyone clicks on it then they will be able to check the form will the field name automatically filled.
  5. Also, please note that when you pre-fill these fields then to, the member filling these details will be able to edit them, so you cannot set these fields to be non-editable.