Sign Up with ARMember

ARMember provides shortcodes to display sign up form with/without plan selection.

Simple Sign Up without Membership Plan

If you want to allow your site users to sign up in the system without any plan, then create a page and add simple sign up form shortcode like below:

[arm_form id="FORM_ID"]

This will display simple sign up form in a page from where user can simply register in the system.

Sign Up with Membership Plan

If you want to give plan selection while sign up, then you need to use ‘ Configuration Plan+Sign Up Page’ shortcode in register page like below:

[arm_setup id="SETUP_ID"]

Assign Default Free Membership Plan while Sign Up

If you want to assign default free membership plan to users while sign up, then use shortcode like below:

[arm_form id="FORM_ID" assign_default_plan="PLAN_ID"]

If you have only one membership plan and if you don’t want to give plan selection to users, then use shortcode like

[arm_setup id="SETUP_ID" hide_plans="1"]

You can select which membership plan you want to keep selected by default from settings of ‘Configure Plan+Sign Up Page”.