Sign Up with ARMember

ARMember provides shortcodes to display sign up form with/without plan selection.

Simple Sign Up without Membership Plan

If you want to allow your site users to sign up in the system without any plan, then create a page and add simple sign up form shortcode like below:

[arm_form id="FORM_ID"]

This will display simple sign up form in a page from where user can simply register in the system.

Sign Up with Membership Plan

If you want to give plan selection while sign up, then you need to use ‘Configuration Plan+Sign Up Page’ shortcode in register page like below:

[arm_setup id="SETUP_ID"]

Assign Default Free Membership Plan/Paid Post/Course while Sign Up

If you want to assign default free membership plan or free course(available only if the Online Course Addon is activated) or free post to users while sign up, then use shortcode like below:

[arm_form id="FORM_ID" assign_default_plan="PLAN_ID"]

Hide Plan Selection Area through shortcode

If your only one membership plan and if you don’t want to give plan selection to users, then use shortcode like

[arm_setup id="SETUP_ID" hide_plans="1"]

ARMember does also provide a facility to hide the setup title as you can check in the above image there is an option as 'Hide Setup Title', if you allow this option while adding this shortcode then on the front-end side the Setup Form’s Title will be hidden.

Select any plan by default

You can select which membership plan you want to keep selected by default from settings of ‘Configure Plan+Sign Up Page”. Click on the radio button of the plan which you want to be selected by default at the front side.