ARMember Affiliate Addon

ARMember Affiliate Addon

This ARMember-native addon allows you to create and run an affiliate program, which 100% smoothly adapts to the ARMember WordPress Membership plugin.

When a user pays for ARMember membership plan on your site, this addon will check to see if the user was referred to your site by an affiliate. It will then give a commission to the affiliate who referred the user.

You can add and reward an unlimited number of affiliate partners and create a consistent way to get new members without a need to purchase plugins separately.

How ARMember Affiliate Works

Who can become an affiliate

The addon allows existing members or independent users to sign up to your affiliate program and get their unique IDs, promote your membership website by using your or their marketing tools and, eventually, bring you new customers subscribed to your membership with the affiliate referral links.

Affiliate commission options

You can set up flexible commission rates (a fixed sum of money or percentage) based on the membership plan or provide specific affiliate users with an individual commission rate.

Optionally allow affiliates to receive commissions on all further purchases by referrals making your affiliate program even more attractive.

Help affiliates promote your membership project

Create promotion marketing resources, such as banners, which can be used by the affiliate members in any promo campaigns. Affiliate partners can get access to these resources anytime from their accounts.

Custom affiliate URLs

You can arm your affiliate partners with the flexibility to get creative with the links: they can customize the links by encoding affiliate IDs in URLs and adding custom parameter names.

Affiliate PayPal Mass Payout

You can configure PayPal mass payout to allow paying payout via PayPal payment gateway.

Affiliate Payout Calculate Referral Billing cycle

Allows to set Payout cycle generated per Weekly, Monthy, Quaterly, Half-Yearly, and Yearly.

Referral Cooling Period Days

Allows to set Payment Cooling Period days from 1 to 60 days, which will consider referral for paying to affiliate after complete Cooling Period Days.

Minimum Payment Threshold Amount

This will allow considering referral cycle to generate when minimum Threshold amount is reached. So, it will be available to pay only those cycles which affiliate user is reached for minimum threshold amount.

Payment Transaction

You can keep track of payment transaction that you have a paid payout amount to user

Affiliate management

As an affiliate program manager, you have tons of tools at your disposal:

  • Set a custom duration for the cookie expiration.
  • Measure a total affiliate system performance: total earnings, earnings by a specific period, the number of registered users and affiliates, etc.
  • Customize the look of the affiliate subscription page.
  • Perform quick payouts through different payment gateways.
  • Enable easy affiliate link social sharing.
  • Export the affiliate system data in CSV and more.
  • Allow affiliate commission for membership purchases with coupon codes.
  • Enable affiliates to refer friends by email.
  • Display Affiliate Statistics to Affiliate users using a shortcode.
  • Allow admin to create affiliate user from Admin Panel.
  • Allow admin user to add manual referral for Affiliate user from Admin Panel.

ARMember - Affiliate Dashboard

WooCommerce integration

You can perform affiliate payouts for all products or services sold through the WooCommerce plugin.

Supports Easy Digital Downloads

You can allow affiliate user to get referral for the Easy Digital Downloads “Download” item purchases too.

Automatically Reject Referral on Refund

ARMember Affiliate does automatically reject a referral if purchase refund for ARMember Membership, WooCommerce, and Easy Digital Downloads

Migrate affiliates from AffiliateWP / AffiliatesPro

Feel free to move the affiliates’ database from the AffiliateWp / AffiliatesPro plugins to the ARMember Affiliate addon and run all membership-related tools under one roof.