LinkedIn – Signup/login Integration

ARMember provides shortcode to add Login With Linkedin social connect button. But for this first you need to configure Linkedin Client ID and Client Secret under ARMember->General Settings->Social Connect

Social Connect tab will be displayed only if ARMember->Social Connect module is enabled.


Client ID and Client Secret

Now you can get Client ID and Client Secret from next page after creating new application.

Copy that keys and use them in our ARMember plugin where needed.

In order to get Client ID and Client Secret for Linked IN, you have to follow steps given below.

Create an application

  1. First of all Login to LinkedIn and go to
  2. Click on Create Application from the top right hand side.
  3. Provide all information asked to fill here. You can use dummy data except for Website URL, provide an absolute URL and click on Create app.
  4. Now Go to Auth Tab beside Settings Tab and you need to set Redirect URL in OAuth 2.0 settings. You can get Redirect URL from ARMember -> General Settings -> Social Connect page at LinkedIn Configuration section.

Click Save button on Social Connect page.

Once settings are saved, you can use following shortcode in any page/post to display Login with Linkedin button.

[arm_social_login network="linkedin"]

To add Login with Linkedin button in Login Form follow steps given below:

  • Edit your login form set.
  • You will find a section Social Connect Options in right panel under Basic Options.

  • From here, you need to Enable Social Login switch to add social connect button with Login Form.
  • You will see a Button Skin option in above image. Click there to add more social connect buttons.
  • Also you will be able to upload your custom image for displaying Login with Linkedin.
  • Save Form