Enable Interaction with Woocommerce

WooCommerce Payment Gateway

ARMember provides a facility to purchase membership plan from ARMember setup form which will be purchased(paid) from the WooCommerce Checkout directly.

To activate WooCommerce Payment Gateway, you must enable “WooCommerce Integration” module from ARMember.

You will be able to see “WooCommerce Integration” module under ARMember -> Add-ons.

ARmember woocommerce

Purchase Membership Plan/Paid Post from ARMember Setup form

If you purchase plan or Paid Post which is having a “subscription/recurring payment” type, then it will be considered as “semi-automatic(Manual)” always. Please refer to Payment Methods for understanding how “semi-automatic” method will work.

Only logged in buyers will be assigned a purchased plan. Buyers who checkout as a guest from the WooCommerce checkout page will not be assigned a plan. So it is recommended to keep the “Enable Guest Checkout” option off in WooCommerce Checkout options settings. Also, enable the “Enable customer registration on the “Checkout” page.” option from WooCommerce “Accounts” settings.

After activating ‘WooCommerce Integration’ module, you will be able to see ‘Woocommerce’ payment method option at ARMember -> General Settings -> Payment Gateways page.

ARMember General Settings ( Payment Gateways )

When you enable this payment gateway from the list, it will be displayed as a payment gateway option in ARMember -> Configure Plan + Signup Page -> Add/Edit Setup Form page.

ARMember General Settings ( WooCommerce Payment Gateways )

After done all the necessary settings at configure + Signup Page, add a shortcode into the page, and you can see the WooCommerce payment option along with all other payment gateways.

ARMember Setup Page ( WooCommerce Payment Gateways )

When the user fills out the form and submits the form by selecting the WooCommerce payment option, he will be redirected to the WooCommerce checkout checkout page where you can see the plan is added in the WooCommerce Cart.

ARMember Setup Page ( Payment Gateways )

Sync WooCommerce Fields with ARMember

ARMember does redirect the users to the WooCommerce checkout page once the users fills up the Registration Form and hits the Submit button, so if you have the selected the New User Approval as "Automatic Approve" then ARMember directly register the users once the registration form is filled and so at the WooCommerce checkout few fields like the firstname, lastname, email are pre-filled, but if you are willing to sync other billing fields this can be achieved, follow the below provided steps:

  • Navigate to the ARMember ⇾ Manage Forms ⇾ Edit Registration/Signup Form.
  • ARMember Fields Sync with WooCommerce

  • Here add the field as per your choice and then at the field settings you will be able to check Meta Key Text, you can change the meta_key as per the WooCommerce field meta_key to get the meta_key of the WooCommerce field you can click here.
  • Now, when the user will fill the ARMember Registration/Signup Form and click on the submit button then at the checkout form the fields synced will have pre-filled the data automatically.
  • The fields will be pre-filled only if the Automatic Approval is selected at the ARMember ⇾ General Settings ⇾ New User Approval.

Purchase Plan/Paid Post using WooCommerce Product

Alternatively, if you want that when any user purchase a WooCommerce product and ARMember’s membership plan should be assigned to the user, ARMember provide that facility too. For that please refer here