Basics of ARmember Access Rules

This Section provides Quick & easy to manage access rules. Easily toggle option available whether you want content protection turned on or off.

Note: By default, when ARMember plugin is just installed, at that time all existing posts, pages & other content will be open for all.


“Access Rule” is the main core feature of ARMember plugin. Very easy interface to manage content protection on site in accordance with the related plans. Content Protection Access Rule can be defined for:

  • WordPress Pages
  • WordPress Posts
  • Any Custom Post Type
  • Post Taxonomy(ex:category..)
  • Navigation menu links(NAV Menu Lock)
  • BuddyPress pages (If your site Configures the BuddyPress plugin)
  • Buddyboss pages (If your site Configures the BuddyBoss plugin)
  • Special pages like Archives which can be of month, year, per author.

New page/post/custom post of system will be created with default access rules set in global settings of ARMember.

Note: BuddyPress/BuddyBoss option will only available if you activate BuddyPress/BuddyBoss Integration from Add-ons.