Clear Unused Form Fields

All the fields you will add in any of sign up forms will be automatically added in the list of “Preset Fields” section of the form builder. Sometimes it happens that some fields become unnecessary so you will remove that fields from sign up form, but those fields will still remain as it is in the “Preset Fields” section even if they were deleted, so you can add them to the form from Preset Field, if again needed in future.

But sometimes you have added fields for testing purposes and then deleted those fields from forms. If those fields will not be deleted from Preset Fields, then the Preset Field list will be longer and longer. Also those deleted fields will be displayed in the “Edit Member” page of the administrator area. So you must need some way to clear these unused fields from everywhere.

For these, ARMember Provides Clear From Field setting in General Settings.


Suppose you have added a text box of “Address” in sign up form. So it will be also added in the Preset Fields section. If you change the “Address” field’s meta key from the field settings option then, it will create another field and display it separate field in the Preset fields List. WordPress uses custom field metadata stores with meta key in usermeta so if the administrator changes the meta key then, it will be stored data as set in the field’s meta key. Now, if you have deleted the address field from the Edit Form page for any reason but it will still appear in the “Preset Fields” section.


Now to remove the “Address” field from the “Preset Field” section, use the “Clear Form Field” button. Click on it, then the popup will open as shown below.


From the popup, you can select all the fields that you want to delete from everywhere. You will see some checkboxes remain disabled as they are default fields and cannot be deleted from sign up form. Checkboxes for other fields will be enabled only if that fields were deleted from sign up form first.

If data entry exists for any of those fields, then you will see “(Entry Exist)” in red letter beside that field checkbox which means that if you delete the “Entry Exists” field then that custom field data will be deleted too. Now Select all the fields, that you want to delete from everywhere and click the OK button. That’s it. All selected unused fields will be removed from everywhere.