Basic Information – Form Builder

Setup Signup and Login

To check out the forms you can navigate to ARMemberManage forms section in admin area:

ARMember Provide fully dynamic form builder for :
  1. Signup/Registration

  2. Login

  3. Forgot Password

  4. Change Password

    Change Password

  5. Edit Member Profile

Form Builder Features
  • Create Unlimited Registration Forms, Login Forms, Forgot Password Forms, Change Password Forms and Edit Profile Forms
  • Embed forms using shortcode in your site
  • Number of ready to use Form Templates are available.
  • Drag & Drop preset fields & user fields support
  • Different Form Layouts are available,
    • Material Outline (default)
    • Standard Style
    • Material Style
    • Rounded Style
  • Ready to use Preset fields & Form fields. ( No Need to configure settings.)
  • Font-Awesome icons Support ( For form input fields )
  • RTL Support
  • Color Scheme options to customize form layout/design.
  • Field Layout & Label Alignment Options
  • Additional Shortcodes arm_logout for Logout, arm_edit_profile for Edit / Update Profile and arm_social_login for Display Social Network Buttons.