Add Free/Paid Membership Plans

Paddle Payment Gateway

You are allowed to create unlimited plans (For example, Free Plan, Silver Plan, Gold Plan etc.).

At Manage Plan you have a grid to manage all plans with following columns. Each column is sortable here.

  • Plan Name – Shows Title of Plan you have set.
  • Plan Type – Shows subscription is Free or Paid, if it is Paid then it will show AMOUNT with PLAN DURATION.
  • Members – Shows number of users who has purchased particular subscription.
  • WP Role – Shows Role to be assigned to the users of particular Plan.

Add/Edit New Plan

Here you will get all different types of Free/Paid membership plans with various general options and Subscription Types & Amount related options.

General Options

Some Common Options for subscription plans are,

Plan Name

Add title of subscription to be displayed at front.

Plan Description

Add content to describe your plan to the site users.

Member Role

Here you will have list of all wordpress default user roles as well as ARMember add another role which is ARMEMBER. Select user role which is to be assigned to users of this plan.

Inherit Access Rules Of Subscription Plan

If you wish to have same access rules as you have set in other plans then you can select that plan, when this plan will be created access rules of your selected plan will be inherited.

This option will be available only while adding a new plan.

Plan Type & Price

Here you will get all different options to create different types of plans like free plan, paid plan(infinite), paid plan(finite), Subscription/Recurring Payment. All options are described here.

Plan Types

Here you have different options available to select as per your requirements.


  • Free Plans

    If you wish to create a free subscription plan with no payment then select this option. Free subscription plan is valid for lifetime, there will be no expiration of user’s membership with this plan.

  • Paid Plans

    Other 3 Options are for paid plans with different Payment Type case.

    Here you are able to create Paid subscription plan with many options like Plan Duration, Amount, etc. When you select any of Paid plan Subscription option, you will be able to access other related options of payment and payment cycle etc for a plan.