Enable Interaction with Stripe

To activate stripe gateway, you must require Secret Key & Publishable Key. Your API keys are located in your stripe account settings.

Follow below steps to get API Keys:

  • Log in to your Stripe account.
  • Go to “Your Account-> Account Settings”.
  • “Account Settings” will bring up a popup window, select the “API Keys” tab.
  • You will find following two keys from this page: ”Test Secret Key” and ”Live Secret Key”.

ARMember General Settings ( Payment Gateways )

For ‘Auto Debit Payment’ of subscription type of Membership, You must create Stripe Plan in your stripe account and set stripe plan ID in membership setup.

Follow below steps to create stripe plan:

  • Go to “Plans” section from left sidebar.
  • Click on “+ New” button.
  • “+ New” will bring up a popup window with plan detail form.
  • Plans have the following parameters: ID, Name, Currency, Amount, Interval, Interval, Trial period days & Statement desc.
  • Please fill out required fields and click on “Create Plan”.
  • Now set Plan ID in membership configuration page as you can see in below picture.

You must need to setup webhooks url for recurring billing. Please follow below steps to configure webhooks.

You must need to set Trial Period duration in DAYS.

  • Go to “Your Account-> Account Settings”.
  • “Account Settings” will bring up a popup window, select the “Webhooks” tab.
  • Click on “+ Add endpoint” button to add webhook Url.
  • Now, add http://yoursite.com/?arm-listener=arm_stripe_api into URL input.
  • Select API mode Live or Test.
  • Check “Send me all events” option.
  • Now click on “Create endpoint”. That’s it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Paid Trial is not supported with recurring plan in stripe. But you can manage such cases in ARMember by following the steps given bellow:

For ex. If you want to add $5 for trial period of 7 Day in a recurring plan for which billing amount is $20 every month. So, you have to create a subscription plan with 7 Day trial period from your Stripe account. When someone buys this plan, he/she will be charged $5 as one time charge and also $20 as a subscription charge for the first time only. After that he will be charged $20 only every month.

Check bellow images:

Go to your stripe account and create Subscription related ID:

ARMember stripe Settings ( Payment Gateways )

Go to your ARMember Plan Page and create plan accordingly.

ARMember Stripe-plan Settings ( Payment Gateways )

Go to your ARMember Configure Plan + Signup Page – and set value fro strip ID.

ARMember stripe-setup Settings ( Payment Gateways )

And after successful payment with stripe, you will find 2 payment transactions : 1. Trial Amount 2. Subscription Amount. (This process is automatically managed by ARMember)

ARMember stripe-paymemt_history Settings ( Payment Gateways )