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ARMember Capabilities List

Here is a list of Capabilities of admin panel pages of ARMember. arm_manage_members arm_manage_plans arm_manage_setups arm_manage_forms arm_manage_access_rules arm_manage_drip_rules arm_manage_transactions arm_manage_email_notifications arm_manage_general_settings arm_manage_member_templates arm_manage_private_content arm_manage_feature_settings arm_manage_coupons arm_manage_payment_gateways arm_import_export arm_badges arm_report_analytics arm_manage_communication arm_manage_block_settings Was this article Helpful ?  Yes    No Well Done! Please leave your positive feedback. Submit Back What was wrong? Provide more information. Back Submit

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How to use ARMember with Gutenberg

ARMember Blocks use for the new Gutenberg block editor. For this you need to create a page and use ARMember Blocks click on block and use two blocks different blocks Membership Shortcodes and Restrict Content Shortcodes   How to use Membership Shortcodes? Click on Membership Shortcodes you can see popup then select any shortcode you […]

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Let’s see how to make a GDPR compliant privacy policy page in your WordPress site. Please note that following information should not be considered as legal advice. So, please confirm with legal specialist. What is GDPR? GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation ) is a European Union law applicable from May 25, 2018. According to […]

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Sources & Credit

Sources & Credit Facebook API Google Signin API Twitter API Linkedin API VKontakte API Maxmind GeoIP Constant Contact API Aweber API MailChimp API Angular JS Angular Material JS Please follow us on, Facebook Twitter Thanks, ReputeInfosystems Was this article Helpful ?  Yes    No Well Done! Please leave your positive feedback. Submit Back What was wrong? […]

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ARMember Advanced Shortcode Library

ARMember provides very helpful conditional shortcodes. All Conditional Shortcodes can be used with “arm_if” and “armNotif” shortcode. [armif] .. [/armif] and [armNotif] .. [/armNotif] Show / Hide specific content to specific member by using WordPress built-in conditional tags. Sometimes it’s necessary to allow everyone to access to your content ( e.g. everyone can land on […]

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Brief of ARMember Inbuilt Modules

Membership sites can get pretty complicated, and not everyone needs the same things. ARMember offers features as add-ons so you can add only those functionalities according to requirement of site, making it easier to manage.You can Activate or Deactivate add-ons from here. When you Activate any add-on, that add-on will be activated in plugin & […]

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ARmember Shortcode Library

ARMember provides very helpful shortcodes. Check List of available shortcodes: arm_form This shortcode displays ARMember form ( Sign Up, Login, Forgot Password, Change Password ). Possible Arguments: id (required) ID of Signup/Login/Forgot Password/Change password Form form_position set possible value from left, center or right Default: center popup Display form in popup box. Default: false link_type […]

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ARMember Setup Wizard

Steps to Setup Membership For Your Website General Settings Setup Plan Set Payment Options Setup Forms Configure Plan + Signup Page Content Restriction / Drip Content Let’s setup membership for your website : Configure plugin’s basic settings from general settings. To get detail about this section, please click here Then create free/paid subscription plans.Set description […]

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Getting Started with ARMember

Installation, Activation and Update! You need to follow very simple steps for getting started with ARMember Plugin: 1) ARMember Installation: Install Via Wordpress Uploader: In your WordPress admin, go to Plugins > Add New > Upload and upload the available ZIP of ARMember to install the Plugin. Manual Installation : Download the latest version of […]

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