Basics of Profile & Directory Template

Customize Member Profile Template and Members Directory Listing

To add user profile and member directory to your website, “Profiles & Directories” section will available when you activate “Social Feature” from ARMember -> Add-ons

ARMember social feature

ARMember provides 3 types of predefined templates : Member Profile Templates, Member Directory Templates and Membership Card Templates.

  • Number of predefined templates are available for users profiling.
  • Number of predefined templates are available for user directory listing view.
  • Number of predefined templates are available for user’s membership card view.

When you enable Social Feature first time, Default Profile page will be inserted with profile template shortcode automatically. This page will be used as user’s profile page. You can change profile page at anytime from Page Setup.

  • Shortcode for each template to use in post, pages or anywhere.
  • Multiple Color Scheme support, also you can customize color options by clicking on paint brush icon as you can see in below screenshot.
  • Font-settings to set font styling like font-family, font size, font weight, font style, font decoration & etc. We also support Google Fonts.
  • Custom CSS option to add your own style.
  • Preview option to see how template will look in front-end.

Manage Profiles & Directory Templates

Here you can manage profile templates, directory templates and membership card templates. You can add directory templates and membership card templates as many as you want by clicking on Add Template box.

You can Preview, Edit Template Options & Delete Template from here. You will find those options by hovering on specific template.

Profile Templates

ARMember Profile Templates

Directory Templates

ARMember Directory Templates

Membership Card Templates

ARMember Profile Directory page membership card