ARMember Gift Membership Addon

ARMember Gift Membership Addon

How Gift Membership Addon works

  • Allows admin to create Gifts, manage payments history separately for gifts, assign gift to member of site. Get members details easily who have purchased gift.
  • Members can purchase as many gift codes as they want.
  • Member who have purchased gift can share Gift code through email with any one to get benefit on Membership Plan purchase or Paid Post purchase, person who have received gift code can use Gift code as coupon code while purchasing plans or products.
  • On purchasing gift and when redeemed gift code Gift buyer will receive email notification.

The Main Features of ARMember Gift Addon to use on your Membership Website

  • Easy Installation.
  • Allow Members to purchase any number of Gifts.
  • Give benefit of Gift Membership by sharing Purchased Gift Code.
  • Reminder through email when new Gift Membership purchased or Redeem Gift code.
  • Allow Admin to easily manage Gifts as well as payment history.
  • Easy to display details of purchased Gifts Membership.
  • Gift Membership Purchase Setup – One place to purchase any number of gifts.
  • Gift Membership addon does allow to purchase with all payment gateways which is supported in ARMember plugin including Payment Gateway addons.
  • After purchased Gift, Easily Send/invite to use Gift Membership code.
  • For non Logged in member, Gift Membership purchase form will available with signup form.

    gift membership purchase form

  • For Logged in member, Gift Membership purchase form will be able to purchase gift without filling signup form!

    Purchase Gift Membership