Member Directory Templates

Customize Member Profile Template and Members Directory Listing

To add user profile and member directory to your website, “Profiles & Directories” section will available when you activate “Social Feature” from ARMember -> Add-ons

ARMember Provides six ready made templates for member listing/member directory.

Following are the operation that can be performed with Member Directory Template:

  • Add Template

    You can add directory template by clicking on Add Template box in Members Directory Templates section.

    ARMember Directory Templates

    All options to set template are dynamic. You can set by your own that whether you want to display administrator users in members listing, Member badges, Redirect To Author Archive Page, sorting option, search box etc.

    Here you can select template layout from different template layouts. Also you can set color scheme, font setting & other options like whether to display member badges or not, display specific plan(s) members, which filters to display, pagination style & custom CSS.

    Also, ARMember does provide a two types of searching facility. Single Search Field and Multi Search Field.

    If you select Single Search Field then it will display only single textbox to searching result. and it will search the members based on single value matched as entered in textbox.

    ARMember Directory

    If you select Multi Search Field then it will displays the list of selected fields to search the members with multiple value matched.

    ARMember Directory

    You will get following search parameter options:

    First Name (Selected by default), Last Name (Selected by default), Profile Display Name, Username, Email Address, Gender, Website (URL), Biography, Textarea, Dropdown, Radio Button, Date
  • Edit Template

    You can edit template options anytime from profile template listing. Hover on specific template & click on edit icon to edit template options to change settings.

  • Preview Template

    You can have preview of template to see how template will looks in front-end. Also you can check responsive view of template. As you can see in below screenshot, responsive options are available in top belt.

    ARMember Directory preview