How to Make Payment For Next Cycle?

ARMember provides two different payment methods for paid subscription/recurring type of plans: Auto Debit Method and Semi Automatic (Manual) Method

ARMember allows three options for the Payment type Auto-Debit, Semi-Automatic(Manual) , and Both. If you select the both then the members will be given an option to choose anyone. But if you wish to have the payment type specific then you can select it at the Configure Plan + Signup Page.

ARMember Payment Methods

If user selects “Auto-debit Method” while purchasing plan, then he doesn’t need to worry about payment of every recurrence (billing cycle). But if user selects “Manual Method” while purchasing plan, then user has to pay manually from your system whenever it is end of the Billing Cycle. User has to come your system to pay until all recurrences of his plan complete.

ARMember provides easy way to do payment of next recurring cycle for his plan.

Follow below steps to allow users to make payment for his plan’s next recurring cycle in case of payment mode is Semi Automatic(Manual).

Add Membership Shortcode at Classic Editor:

Add Membership Shortcode at Gutenberg Editor:

Once you click on the Membership Shortcode, then a popup will appear with multiple options. Here you can navigate to OthersCurrent Membership

You must need to enable Display Renew Button to display Make Payment button.

Make Payment button will come until all recurring payments are completed. After all the recurring payments are completed, Renew button will be displayed.

When Make Payment button is clicked, payment gateways selection will be displayed for payment of next billing cycle. User will not be allowed to change his payment cycle and payment mode while doing payment for next billing cycle. So payment mode and payment cycle selection are will remain hidden.

Some Important Notes to be considered
  • In case of Paid Finite, Paid Infinite, Free plan, Make Payment button will not be displayed.
  • – In the Paid Finite Plan the plan will expire after certain time and the payment is received only once.

    – In the Paid Infinite Plan the member gets access to this plan for life-time and again the payment is only made once.

    – And at last for the Free Plan this plan does not include and payment.

  • Make Payment button will come only in case of Manual subscription until all recurring payment are completed.
  • Make Payment button will not come in case of Automatic subscription as recurring payment will be taken by gateway automatically.
  • Make Payment button will remain disabled if set-up having ID in setup_id=”ID” argument does not exist.