Basics of Configure Plan + Signup Page

Paddle Payment Gateway

Most important thing in ARMember is to integrate your PLANS, your REGISTRATION FORM, your PAYMENT GATEWAYS, COUPONS to membership page along with desired styling for front side. All these possible only using single shortcode.

Navigate to the Configure Plan + Signup Page menu from the admin interface where you can find a grid containing all previously created membership setup.

Here you have columns for Setup Name, Plans, Gateways, Member Form and Shortcode. ARMember does provide a facility to create multiple setup forms if required at your site.

Setup Shortcode
[arm_setup id="1"]

Navigate to ARMember Configure Plan + SignUp PageAdd/Edit the Setup form


You are able to edit and delete each setup from each row of membership setup, click on EDIT to edit existing setup and click on DELETE to delete existing setup.


Preview of Setup Form

This setup form includes plans, registration form, payment gateway, payment mode, Coupon Code and payment summary.