ARMember Digital Download Addon

Digital Download Addon

Add digital downloads to your WordPress Membership website created with ARMember and offer them through the member-only access or as extra products, bonuses or just as regular content.

The addon is very agile and allows you to place downloadable products with shortcodes on any page or post, restrict access to files depending on the membership plan or member ID, and keep track of the downloads. This is also a great technique to encourage members to upgrade to a plan that offers unique downloadable content.

The Core Features of the Digital Downloads Extension for ARMember WP Membership Websites

  • On-site Downloads or External Links

    Upload digital downloadable products directly to your WordPress website or provide them through external URLs. Either way is convenient for members to work with.

  • File Permission Based on Plans/Users

    Target different downloadable files at different membership plans; hide specific products for one group of members and make them visible to others. You can also block specific member IDs or IPs from downloading a file.

  • Easy File Organization

    Set the file status in clicks (activate/deactivate), assign tags for better grouping, set custom names and descriptions.

  • Place Downloads Anywhere with Shortcodes

    By generating unique shortcodes for all digital products, you can place the needed products easily inside any page or post of your Membership website. It works smoothly in Gutenberg as well.

  • Limit Downloads per User

    Feel free to set your own rules on how often the product can be downloaded during a specific period of time (limit downloads per user per day/week/month/year).

  • Make Downloads More Attractive

    To make the downloads more attractive and informative, you can add a file description, display a file size and a total number of downloads.

  • Multiple Files Downloading as ZIP

    If you want to place multiple downloadable products, you can optionally allow users to download all of them in a ZIP format.

  • Protection against Hotlinking

    The addon ensures your digital content is protected against hotlinking (e.g. protect PDFs from accessing when they are tried to be opened as URLs in the search bar; in this case, the links redirect to your website instead of opening a file).

  • The History of Downloads

    Measure your performance by keeping track of each downloadable product. See member’s details (username, IP, browser, country, etc.), quickly sort the history by many parameters and export the data in a CSV format.

  • Automatic Notifications

    Set up automatic admin email notifications on each new download.