Coupon Management

create and use Coupons

Manage Coupons section will only available if you activate Coupon from Add-ons.


  • Coupon management gives you full functionality to manage discount coupons
  • You are able to generate Random Coupon code while adding coupon OR you can add coupon code manually.
  • Create plan specific coupons. Those coupons can only be used for specific plan payments process.
  • Add Discount Rate in Fixed Amount or Percentage
  • Coupon validity time duration can be set with start date, expire date and unlimited.
  • You can allow coupon code to be used for limited number of time from No. of time uses allowed. Please leave blank or 0(Zero) to for unlimited uses.
  • ARMember tracks the total number of times that each Coupon Code is used.
  • You have option whether to allow the coupon for the plan with Trial Period or not.
  • Another option is For Recurring Plan Apply to Entire Duration, check here if you need coupon discount to be applied on each recurring payment of subscription plan.
  • You can ENABLE or DISABLE coupon using single switch.

Manage Coupons Page – Screen


List of Members who used that Coupon

When you click on count number of “Used” column then it open a popup that show the list of users who used that particular coupon.

ARMember - List of Membes who used that Coupon

Add / Edit Coupon – Screen


Bulk Create Coupon


After setting up coupons in “Coupon Management”, you need to enable coupon in “Configure Plan + Signup Page page”. Go to ARMember->Configure Plan + Signup Page, edit setup in which you want to enable coupon. In “Edit Plan + Signup Page”, you will find “Enable coupon with payment?” option as shown below:

ARMember Enable Coupon

Select “Yes” to enable coupon code for users to use in front end “Configure Plan Sign up” page.

If “Use coupon as invitation code?” is enabled, then coupon field will be compulsory field in in Configure Plan Sign up page. So, if you want to make a system to allow registration only with some specific invitation code then this option will be helpful. Once user get logged into system, this code will work normally as coupon code.

Coupon with Paid Post

If Pay Per Post ARMember module enabled then you can add coupon for paid post particular paid post too.

While adding new coupon code, there is an option of ‘Coupon Type’ will added automatically if “Pay Per Post” moudle is enabled.

ARMember - Paid Post Coupon Code

If ‘Coupon Type’ selected to ‘Membership Plan’ then coupon will be applied only for the selected membership plan(s).

If ‘Coupon Type’ selected to ‘Paid Posts’ then coupon will be applied only for the selected paid post(s).

If ‘Coupon Type’ selected to ‘Both’ then coupon will be apply to both membership plan and paid post as selected.

If you selected ‘Coupon Type’ both and leave blank for both then coupon will be applied to both.