Enable Coupon management

Manage Coupons section will only available if you activate Coupon from Add-ons.


  • Coupon management gives you full functionality to manage discount coupons
  • You are able to generate Random Coupon code while adding coupon OR you can add coupon code manually.
  • Create plan specific coupons. Those coupons can only be used for specific plan payments process.
  • Add Discount Rate in Fixed Amount or Percentage(%)
  • Coupon validity time duration can be set with start date, expire date and unlimited.
  • Manage track for Number of time coupon can be used.
  • ARMember tracks the total number of times that each Coupon Code is used.
  • You have option whether to allow the coupon for the plan with Trial Period or not.
  • You can ENABLE or DISABLE coupon using single switch.

Manage Coupons Page – Screen


Add / Edit Coupon – Screen


After setting up coupons in “Coupon Management”, you need to enable coupon in “Configure Plan + Signup Page page”. Go to ARMember->Configure Plan + Signup Page, edit setup in which you want to enable coupon. In “Edit Plan + Signup Page”, you will find “Enable coupon with payment?” option as shown below:

ARMember Enable Coupon

Select “Yes” to enable users to use coupon code in front end “Configure Plan + Sign up” page.

If “Use coupon as invitation code?” switch is on, then coupon field will be compulsory field in in Configure Plan+Sign up page. So, if you want to make a system to allow registration only with some specific invitation code then this option will be helpful. Once user get logged into system, this code will work normally as coupon code.