Debug Log Settings

ARMember provides facility to view, download and clear log files which are generated by ARMember Plugin. You can find debug log setting from ARMember->General Settings->Debug Log Settings So from the Debug Log Settings tab, you can find debug log and check what request is made, what response is coming back and through which payment Gateway OR Opt-ins that you are using in ARMember Plugin OR the process done by the ARMember. You can enable Payment Gateway Debug Log Settings, Opt-ins Debug Log Settings as well as Cron Debug Log Settings to view, download and clear log files.

debug log setting

View Log

By clicking on the View Log link, you will see the popup screen as like below screenshot, which shows the log for the selected Payment Gateway/Opt-in/Cron in Debug Log Settings. ARMember - Log for Payment Gateway

Download Log

By clicking on the Download Log link, you will get the all logs in a zip folder(if zip extension is enabled at your website server) or text file in JSON format will download the file. You can download logs by selecting different log durations like days, weeks, month, All and custom (date range) duration.

Clear Log

By clicking on Clear Log link, You are able to clear all log data from the database.