myCRED Integration

MyCred Integration

myCRED will only available if you activate myCRED from Add-ons.

To use the ARMember myCRED Addon, you need to install and activated MyCred Plugin which is available at

ARMember ( myCRED )

myCRED Point Hook Setting

Go to Points -> Hooks

ARMember myCRED Hooks Settings

Here Select ARMember Membership and add active Hooks

You Can Set up ARMember Membership myCRED Form

ARMember myCRED Hooks Form Settings

ARMember Membership myCRED provides give or take points from users for registering on the website.

This built-in hook allows you to occurrence your users with points for registering on your website.

myCRED is an adaptive points management system with ARMember. Store myCred point, occurrence, log template.

  1. MyCred Points

    Each user who registers and purchase a plan at your website will get their own points.

  2. Occurrence

    If select every time in your plan user get point plan purchase and recurring time. If select just once in your plan user get point one time with plan purchase

  3. Log template

    You can set a log for every plan for plan purchase user. You can see myCred log from Points -> Log

Purchasing Membership Plan using myCred Point(s)

Note: myCred Payment Gateway will be displayed only if you have activated the myCred module form ARMember -> Add-ons page

Users can also purchase a membership plan using available myCRED balance (points) in ARMember. Let’s see the step that how we can set up myCred as payment gateway:

  1. To enable myCred as payment gateway, go to ARMember->General Settings->Payment Gateways. Here you can see the option like 1 Point =, this indicates how much amounts you want to set for 1 point of myCred.

    ARMember myCRED Settings In Payment Gateway

  2. After enabling the myCred, you need to display myCred as payment gateway at front-end side. For that you have to select myCred option from ARMember->Configure Plan + Signup Page. Add/edit the Signup Form.
  3. There you will see Select Payment Gateways section. From there you have to select myCred. That’s it.

After following above step, if you see the ARMember’s Configure Plan + Signup Form at front-end then you will see the myCred at payment gateway selection section.

If users purchase a membership plan using myCred option as payment gateway then the user does not need to pay money. Instead of money, user’s myCred points will be deducted.

Let’s see the calculation of deduction myCred points.

For Example: If the plan amount is $10. And you have set the value 0.500 for the option 1 Point = from the ARMember->General Settings->Payment Gateways. So the number of myCred points will be deducted like: (plan price x 1) / set the amount for 1 point =. so in our example (10 x 1) / 0.500 = 20. so 20 myCred points will be deducted.

Display myCred Point(s) on Membership Card

If you want to display myCred balance (points) in Membership Card to your members then you can display by just selecting the myCred Points field from ARMember->Profiles & Directories->Membership Card Templates section. Add/edit the Membership Card Template and there you will see the Display Member Fields option.

ARMember myCRED points payment gateway