ARMember Coupon Management Addon

Coupon Management

Coupon code is one of the oldest and most successful marketing techniques numerous online businesses adopt to increase their conversion. If you’re running a membership website, this powerful tool will undoubtedly assist you in attracting more users to join your platform.

Nowadays, the market is full of endless coupon management tools; however, the ARMember WordPress membership plugin comes ahead with a free and built-in coupon management addon that seamlessly manages various coupons you want to create for different membership or subscription plans on your website.

The smooth and user-friendly interface of the ARMember plugin makes the entire process of creating and managing multiple coupons all at once so easy, and that too without installing third-party plugins in your WordPress dashboard.

Getting started with this addon configuration requires you to activate it from the ARMember > Add-on section in your WordPress dashboard.

Once you activate the addon, you are left just a few steps away from creating and managing coupon codes for any or all of your membership plans and even for paid posts if required.

The addon configuration window shows two buttons in the top right corner shown as under:

1. Add Coupon: This option enables you to create one coupon at a time.

2. Bulk Create: It facilitates you to create up to 1000 coupons in just a few clicks.

“Add Coupon” and “Bulk Create” both options let you set the coupon code either manually or can click on the “Generate” button to obtain the random string of alphanumeric characters to set it as a coupon code.

However, as you can notice in the above screenshot, the “Bulk Create” option offers you two more options, i.e. alphabetical and numeric, in addition to alphanumeric. You can opt for any as per your requirement.

This addon also allows you to set the discount amount, coupon validity and lifespan, the membership plan for which you want to create the coupon, coupon name, and other settings in the most developer-friendly way.

All in all, you can access all the required settings related to coupons for your membership websites in just a single window. It keeps you away from the complicated process of coupon management without navigating here and there.

It also entails a great feature that shows the total number of users who have applied the coupon along with their usernames, email IDs, etc. Additionally, ARMember’s report module consists of a coupon reports option where you can completely analyze the membership plans purchased using the coupon codes during particular time intervals.

You can export the entire data in a CSV format from coupon reports if you wish.