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Embedding ARMember Widgets with Elementor

ARMember exclusively add Element in Elementor Page Builder, which facilitates to add forms\shortcodes in a page just like an element. When you edit your page with Elementor you will have ARMember widgets with general elements of Elementor

ARMember Widget Default Elementor

ARMember Forms Elementor Widget:

Let us see illustration and understand each step for ARMember Shortcodes Widget :

  • You need to drag and drop any ARMember element such as Register Forms, Login Form, Forgot password, Change poassword, setup form, Edit Profile, etc. in any row/column of Elementor section in a page.
  • ARMember Register Form Widget on Elementor

  • You will have ARMember Shortcode block in Elementor sidebar from where you can select/change form from your saved forms in ARMember.
  • ARMember Edit Register Form Widget on Elementor

  • You can also change the element’s styling and settings options on elements. If you changes other styings and settings of element then preview of element will be updated automatically.
  • After complete selection of shortcode and changes of styling and settings you just need to save by click on PUBLISH/UPDATE button, That’s it.

Available ARMember Elementor Widgets List:

  • ARmember Register Form
  • ARMember Login Form
  • ARMember Forgot Password
  • ARMember Change Password
  • ARMember Edit Form
  • ARMember Membership Setup Wizard
  • ARMember Logout
  • ARMember Close Account
  • ARMember My Profile
  • ARMember Current Membership
  • ARMember Payment Transactions
  • ARMember user Info
  • ARMember Latest User List
  • ARMember User Badges
  • ARMember User Private Content
  • ARMember Conditional Redirection Rules By User Roles
  • ARMember Conditional Redirection Rules By User Plans
  • ARMember User trial Content
  • ARMember Content Restriction

ARMember Elementor Element Restriction

ARMember does provide a facility to show a Elementor block to a member who has a specific membership plan and will not show to a member other than membership plan.

For Restriction on Section:

ARMember Register Form Widget on Elementor

For restriction with Block:

ARMember Register Form Widget on Elementor