Enable Drip Content for your site

Drip Content section will only available if you activate Drip Content from Add-ons.


“Dripping” content is the process of scheduling the release of content in your membership site for your members. ARMember includes full drip/scheduled content functionality which allows you to set delay for releasing your content to your members.

Set your schedule content based on – immediately, after certain time of subscription or specific date onward(date range).

Drip Rules will work only for posts/pages for which access rules are set from Access Rules section. Only restricted posts/pages can be dripped from Drip Rules.

Ex., If post A is not restricted from Access Rules and even though if you have set drip rule for it like ‘post A should be accessible only after specific date (15/01/2015) for plan A users’, then post A will remain open before 15/01/2015 for all users, as no access rules are not set for post A.
This is how Drip Rules & Access Rules will work together.

WARNING: Drip Rule will not work as expected while testing against an Administrator who is logged in. Administrator do have gain full access to all content.