Membership Card Templates

Customize Member Profile Template and Members Directory Listing
Membership card Shortcode:
[arm_membership_card id="3"]

Membership card Templates

ARMember allows to display different membership card template to different plan users. if you want to display membership detail like a card view, then it is possible with ARMember.

ARMember provides three types of different designs for creating membership card templates. You can create as many membership card templates as you want and you can also customize each template as per your requirement.

You can Preview, Edit Template Options & Delete Template anytime from here. You will find those options by hovering on specific template.

Step 1: Add Membership card Template

ARMember - Membership card Templates

Step 2: Select Membership card Template

Click on any template to select or edit that template.

ARMember - Select Membership card Templates

Step 3: Edit Membership card Template

You will get many options to edit : like: Company logo, Membership plan label, Display join date, display expiry date, Display user ID, Select Membership Plans, color scheme, font settings, custom css etc.

ARMember - Edit Membership card Templates

ARMember - Edit Membership card Templates

Step 4: Preview Membership card Template

You can have preview of template to see how template will look in front-end. Also you can check responsive view of template. As you can see in below screenshot, responsive options are available in top belt.

ARMember - Preview Membership card Templates

Display myCred Point(s) on Membership Card

Note: myCred Field selection will be displayed only if you have activated the myCred module form ARMember -> Add-ons page

If you want to display myCred balance(points) in Membership Card to your members then you can display by just selecting the myCred Points field from ARMember->Profiles & Directories->Membership Card Templates section. add/edit the Membership Card Template and there you will see the Display Member Fields option.