ARMember Zapier Addon

Zapier Addon For ARMember

Zapier is made to help you connect the popular apps you use every day (Mailchimp, Instagram, Google Sheets, etc.) and dramatically improve your workflow performance by managing all tools from just one dashboard.

This means you can sync all third-party apps that help you run the ARMember-based website under one roof via Zapier.

Each so-called “zap” starts with a trigger – an event that initiates the workflow. You can selectively choose ARMember triggers that will be sent to Zapier to set multiple management things on autopilot (e.g. send targeted automated email with Mailchimp to your membership subscribers, automate social media posting, etc.).

ARMember - Zapier Addon

It’s a two-way synchronization, so the ARMember addon can send membership data to Zapier based on the following triggers:

  • User Registration trigger
  • User Update Profile trigger
  • Membership Plan Renewal trigger
  • Membership Plan Change trigger
  • Membership Plan Cancel trigger
  • Deleted User trigger.

In its turn, Zapier can send data to ARMember and enable the addon to perform the following actions:

  • Create a username/member or update member details
  • Assign a membership plan to a user
  • Add custom meta values.