Form Builder Tool Editor

Customize Registration Pages with Custom Fields

Manage Forms

Here you can manage all forms like registration & other forms as set of (login, forgot password & change password) and Additional Shortcodes List.

Form Templates

We are providing number of ready to use form templates for Registration/Signup form as well as set of login, forgot password, change password forms.

Those templates are ready with some specific layouts. You can select any of them and also edit it for your form as per requirement.

This option, to chose template for your form will only be available at time of creating a form.

One more option is there for Redirection URL.

This option is useful when you want to redirect user to specific URL after successful login. Her two shorcodes are supported :

  • {ARMCURRENTUSERNAME} : add current user’s username in URL
  • {ARMCURRENTUSERID} : add current user’s id in URL

So, this option will be helpful if you directly want to redirect users to their related profile page.(For example: profile page of buddypress having username or userid in its URL.)


Form Editor

– Registration/Signup forms can be editable individually.

– Login, Forgot Password & Change Password – All the settings will apply to those three forms commonly.


Form Elements With Drag & Drop Feature

Note:Form Elements are only available for Registration forms.

You can add Preset Fields or Form Fields in registration form by Drag & Drop or clicking on specific field.

Preset fields contains – a list of preset basic fields as well as your last added custom fields.

Form fields contains – a list of all form elements. After adding form fields, you might need to update field options for unique field meta key. (User avatar filed is available with image cropper with web and mobile support.)