How to Cancel Membership?

ARMember allows to create different four types of membership plans : Free, Paid Infinite, Paid Finite, Subscription/Recurring

Free, Paid Finite and Paid Infinite type of membership plans are onetime plans. i.e, user need to pay only once and get plan benefits till lifetime OR plan gets expired. Membership will be canceled automatically when expired.

ARMember allows membership plan to be canceled anytime by user

Follow below steps to allow users to cancel membership plan.

You must need to enable Display Cancel Subscription Button to allow users to cancel their membership.

When Cancel button will be clicked by user, Cancel Subscription Action(By User) the admin can set the action in Manage Plan for the Subscription/Recurring Plan type.

Also there are two more option provided at the time of setting the plan that whether the subscription should be cancelled immediately or after the plan gets expired.