Offers almost every kind of membership models

ARMember is the best WordPress membership plugin which is a complete bundle to create a membership system without having any advanced knowledge of programming. It allows an unlimited level of membership along with the ability to let a user subscribe on multiple levels simultaneously. You can also create multiple payment cycles for the same membership plan so, it will let the user choose whether the user wants to subscribe to a particular plan monthly or yearly basis.
WordPress membership plugin

Restrict Your Website Content Effortlessly

Content restriction is a key part of any membership WordPress plugin. ARMember handles it such an easy way that you can restrict any content of your site with just one click. It provides a super easy interface to manage membership plan wise content and covers various components like Pages, Posts, Any Custom Post Type, Post Taxonomy, Navigation menu links(NAV Menu Lock), etc. And that’s not all, admin can restrict partial content by putting shortcode as well.

Builtin Form Builder To Create Stylish WordPress Registration and Login Forms with predefined samples

ARMember has advanced form builder to create stylish and captcha free forms for SignUp/Registration, Login, Forgot Password, Change Password, etc. You can beautify forms with material and other different modern field styles. you can choose predefined preset fields as well as a custom form fields. It also provides all forms with a model popup link as well.
Easy Tools

Unique Membership Setup wizard

ARMember provides you a unique membership setup wizard which will generate a single shortcode for the entire process from plan selection registration/signup to payment processing. This makes handling of the entire membership process very easy and convenient with just one single shortcode. You will be saved from placing different shortcodes for different processes.
Easy Setup

Multiple Payment Cycles

This is the only membership plugin that supports multiple payment durations for recurring plans. During membership purchase, users will be presented with multiple options for payment, eg: $30 for 6 months OR $28 yearly.

Drip Rules for Scheduled Content

“Dripping” content is the process of delaying the release of content in your membership site for site members. ARMember includes full drip/periodic content functionality which allows you to reveal your content periodically. This provides by an inbuilt module of ARMember “Drip Content”.

Sell Subscriptions using WooCommerce

only subscription membership plugin that comes with an easy builtin facility where you can use WooCommerce to sell your membership plans as woocommerce digital products. So, you get the big advantage of choosing any payment gateway supported in WooCommerce.

Built-in Security Options Available

We highly consider your Security concerns. Save your money to be spent on Numerous plugins to secure your site.

User Profile Templates & Directory with Template Editor

ARMember includes a range of different profile styles and templates, with an easy editor for customizing and managing member profiles. You also have the flexibility to display a different template based on the type of membership.

Key Features

ARMember is one-of-its kind WordPress Membership Plugin that provides all genres of membership related functionality in a symmetrical way. Entire membership features are under one roof and easy to use.

Easy Member Management

You can keep track of all the common activities related to each member in a User-Friendly Member Management system.

Unlimited Plans With Trial Period Option

You can create unlimited membership plans along with the option of free & paid trial period facility.

Content Restriction Flexibility

Get a flexible interface for full/partial content restriction as per your requirement on pages, posts, custom posts, taxonomies, Navigation and special pages.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Numerous payment gateways including Paypal,, Stripe, and 2Checkout, etc. We also support PCI compliant billing vendors.

Multiple payment cycle per plan

Offer multiple payment cycles like monthly, yearly etc for the same membership plan. Let the user decide which cycle they want to go with.

Parallel memberships subscription

Users can subscribe to multiple membership together. So, all types of membership models now supported.

Periodic Billing

ARMember provides you a facility to create a periodic membership Subscription and collect recurring payment.

Drip/Scheduled Content Facility

An inbuilt ARMember module includes full drip content/periodic content functionality which allows you to reveal your content periodically.

Social Login/connect

There is an inbuilt module of ARMember, which provides a popular Social media configuration for social connect facility with Facebook, Google SignIn, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, VK.

Member Profile & Directory Templates

ARMember provides a wide range of beautiful templates for member profile and directory listing with many template customization options.

Exclusive Coupon Management

Use the exclusive coupon management system with features to configure the various types of coupons including plan specific coupons.

Opt-ins (Email Marketers)

An inbuilt ARMember module provides opt-in integration with email marketing software like Aweber, Mailchimp, Constant Contact.

Built-in Modal Forms Support

No need for third-party pop-up plugins when you have ARMember, we provide you an inbuilt facility to open signup/login form in a modal window.

Badges & Achievements

Easy to create badges and configure steps to achieve different badges upon various membership levels. Motivate members to earn badges and increase traffic.

Developer Friendly API

Provides 150+ action/filter hooks. So developers can customize and extended the functionality of ARMember as per their requirement.

Import/Export Users & Settings

Provides compatibility to import/export users by plan and also a facility to import/export global settings, security settings, etc.

Captcha Free Anti-spam Facility

No need to use ugly looking Captcha in your signup/login forms for protection as ARMember has a builtin anti-spam mechanism.

Email Notifications With Template

Exclusive customizable email notification facility which sends notifications to users on various events. You can even create advanced notifications.

Woocommerce Content Restriction

Facility to add content restriction rules for WooCommerce products and product taxonomy.

BuddyPress Integration

You can easily add access rules for BuddyPress pages and also map ARMember form fields to the Extended profile field of BuddyPress.

One-Click Plugin Update

With ARMember Updating Plugins is just one click away. Updates are released regularly to improve product bugs fixing.

Professional Support Team

We have an efficient dedicated support team available for your assistance, so you can keep your production on track.

Translation Ready

ARMember is fully translation ready and WPML supported. You can translate it in any language of the world easily.

User-wise Private Content

Facility to display custom content per user on specific Post/page. You can add User-wise private content easily.

Third-Party Integration (Inbuilt Support)

With ARMember, you can integrate the top third-party plugins, so you get the best of everything!

ARMember Addons

With a wide range of free and paid ARMember extensions, spanning all your logistical & technical requirements, you can rest assured there’s an extension for your specific needs.
Now you do not need to buy third party affiliate plugins, Just get this addon and offer various…
Social Community addon provides various types of features like friendship, follow/unfollow,…
This addon will add a payment option for customers to pay through PayStack Payment Gateway.
ARMember supports transactions through PayUmoney payment gateway which is an Indian payment gateway.
ARMember plugin + Affiliate Integration addon will allow a user to get “commission” on sharing…
This is a payment gateway that is useful for International payments. ARMember supports…
Infusionsoft Integration addon will allow you to integrate Infusionsoft with ARMember.
This addon will allow you to integrate different triggers with Zapier like user registration,…
Active Campaign Integration addon will allow you to integrate Active Campaign with ARMember.
AffiliatesPro Integration addon will allow a user to get “commission” on sharing Referral of…
This will add a payment option for customers to pay with Credit Cards Via Paypal Payflow.
This addon will add a payment option for customers to pay through Pagseguro Payment Gateway.

Opt-ins Integration

Build a contact list with the most popular opt-ins tools when members registered with your site.

ARMember Accept various payment gateways

ARMember a WordPress membership plugin comes with popular payment gateways like PayPal,, Stripe, 2Checkout, Bank Transfer. In a few minutes, you can easily configure the payment gateway according to the site’s requirement.