Successfully Used by Multidimensional Businesses

We offer endless features for all types of membership businesses.

Business Consulting Services Offer your hours within specific plans, offer step-by-step sessions or build a training services platform.
Online Courses and Tutoring Sell complete online courses, individual lessons, or ongoing serial content.
Membership Communities Create services to connect people and communities in one place – whether it’s your company or hobby.
Creative Industry Sites Sell podcasts, graphic designs, templates or any digital content using custom membership plans.
Corporate Training & Networking Offer free or paid training services to your staff, engage them with multiple gamification elements.
Premium Content/News Platforms Build your next Medium-like platform and monetize it by allowing readers to subscribe to your content.

Feature Overview

Diffrent Pricing Model

Charge Your Members Just Once

Feel free to set just one fixed price for the entire package of your premium content! This is a perfect deal for advisors, coaches, or teachers who sell complete packages

Run Recurring Payments with Subscriptions

Accept recurring payments and capture more revenue! The ARMember plugin allows you to set up flexible subscriptions and charge your clients on a regular basis.

Set up Lifetime of Finite Membership

Access to your premium content can be provided forever or for a limited period. This is a great way to adjust your content to the preferable pricing model.

Charge per Post

You can charge your members for specific content pages, which is a great method to upsell extra content or give users access to the only content they are looking for.

Parallel memberships subscription

Users can subscribe to multiple membership together. So, all types of membership models now supported.

Multiple Billing Cycles

ARMember offers a fantastic level of billing flexibility like no other. For subscriptions, members can choose a monthly, yearly, quarter, or custom billing cycle.

Content Restriction Rules

Restrict Individual Pages

Set up membership content restriction rules by just ticking the boxes! Restrict content within typical WordPress components: Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types, Post Taxonomy, Navigation menu links, forum topics, etc.

Partially Restrict Content

Want to restrict content in a more tailored way? We give you handy shortcodes for this – just paste them into the required pages and the chosen content will be accessible to the applicable membership plans, logged-in or guest users, etc.

Restrict Specific URLs

Build any content, make it accessible by a specific URL – and easily restrict those URLs. The ARMember WordPress membership plugin gives you this opportunity out of the box.

User-wise Private Content

Facility to display custom content per user on specific Post/page. You can add User-wise private content easily.

WordPress Registration & Login Forms
Member Engagement with Community

Public Member Profiles

Real peer-to-peer engagement is guaranteed with the public profile templates for your members. Photos, social media links, bio, contact details, and more to arouse their curiosity!

Directory Templates

The fully customizable member directory templates will help you build a dynamic community platform. Choose what details to display about your members, customize the visual part, and you are done!

Badges & Achievements

Make your members stick around longer and increase their engagement by gamifying the learning process. Achievement badges, study points, and all needed for motivation.

Flawless BuddyPress/Buddyboss Forum Support

The integration with the best communication-centered forum plugin is just one click away. Integrate loads of forum features using the power of the BuddyPress/Buddyboss plugin.

Content Restriction Rules

Allow to set Drip rule for Pages and Posts

Allow Access to the Pages, Posts, and Custom Posts until the member is assigned with a Membership Plan. You will be able to set multiple Drip Rules to display content as per a Membership Plan purchased by the Member.

Allow to set drip rule as shortcode

Drip the content partially with the help of shortcode. Choose the content that will be displayed to the members can the content that will remain hidden unless the member has a membership plan.

View the Dripped Content Timely

Set the Drip the Content to be accessed based on the Time the Drip Content is created, a membership plan assigned to the member, or display the post according to the time it was published or modified.

Allow to restrict access after dripped

Set Fixed Expiration Time for Dripped content, so content will get restrict again for members. You can set an Expiration time to restrict the Dripped Content in Days, Months and in Years along with the specific hours too.


Membership Site Setup Wizard an Exclusive One!

Get started in clicks! Our Setup Wizard will take you through the main steps of setting up the essentials – from plan selection to the signup and payment procedures.


Built-in Security Options Available

We highly consider your Security concerns. Save your money to be spent on Numerous plugins to secure your site.

Bruteforce login protection
Hide WP Login Page
IP & specific URL based restriction
Ban Certain Username/Emails at Signup
Auto-Lock Shared Accounts (Cheat Off)
Hide / Rename Your Admin Panel

User Profile & Directory Templates Fully Customizable

Enjoy ready-made stylish member profile and directory templates you can edit the way you need! Add custom signup fields, apply the needed styling – you have full control over the look and feel. Optionally go with different profile templates based on the membership plan.

User Profile & Directory Templates

Additional Features

ARMember is one-of-its kind WordPress Membership Plugin that provides all genres of membership related functionality in a symmetrical way. Entire membership features are under one roof and easy to use.

Unlimited Plans With Trial Period Option

You can keep track of all the common activities related to each member in a User-Friendly Member Management system.

Exclusive Coupon Management

Use the exclusive coupon management system with features to configure the various types of coupons including plan specific coupons.

Woocommerce Content Restriction

Facility to add content restriction rules for WooCommerce products and product taxonomy.

Captcha Free Anti-spam Facility

No need to use ugly looking Captcha in your signup/login forms for protection as ARMember has a builtin anti-spam mechanism.

Import/Export Users & Settings

Provides compatibility to import/export users by plan and also a facility to import/export global settings, security settings, etc.

Translation Ready

ARMember is fully translation ready and WPML supported. You can translate it in any language of the world easily.

Developer Friendly API

Provides 150+ action/filter hooks. So developers can customize and extended the functionality of ARMember as per their requirement.

One-Click Plugin Update

With ARMember Updating Plugins is just one click away. Updates are released regularly to improve product bugs fixing.

Professional Support Team

We have an efficient dedicated support team available for your assistance, so you can keep your production on track.

Integrated Support

For Dedicated Extra Plugins

Monetize Your Membership with Email Marketing

Automate email marketing with built-in services of your choice. We offer integration with the most popular and powerful solutions!

Extend with Any Addons

Allow members to interact within a social community, run affiliates, enable digital downloads, turn on SMS authentication and more.

Online Courses

Using the “Online Course” addon, you can manage the courses and lessons with different types of lesson types like video, audio, and HTML from the admin panel.

Now you do not need to buy third party affiliate plugins, Just get this addon and offer various…

Social Community addon provides various types of features like friendship, follow/unfollow,…

Allow members to purchase a group membership plan by setting multiple child user seats through your WordPress Membership Website.

Create digital downloadable products like PDFs, e-books, videos, etc. and distribute them through your Membership website…

This addon will allow you to send different WhatsApp Notification Messages for Membership Actions.

Account registration with a one-time password in SMS + automated member messages on different membership actions.

Enable members to create subsites to run their own network within your WordPress membership website.

Give members discounts on specific WooCommerce products available for their membership plans.

Now you can allow your customers to give Membership Plans to other users as a Gift using ARMember Gift Membership Addon.

Let every user choose how to pay online for their membership.

Payment Gateways Built in for Free
Built-in WooCommerce support

Sell digital products with WooCommerce and offer payments via any local gateways available in the powerful eCommerce plugin.

Additional Addons

More Payment Services with Addons

07-Day Money Back Guarantee

Within 7 days after the purchase, if you encounter technical problem that we can’t fix, we will cheerfully refund your money.


What do our clients say about us

Best membership plugin for WordPress. Powerful tool that did everything we needed. Really impressed with the attentive and fast support. Highly recommended.


Excellent product, easy to use, and fair priced. I needed some technical support and the team resolved my issue quickly. I am also using their other products ARForms and ARPrice. Awesome!


This is an ultimate membership plugin for WordPress, hard to find such a plugin that offers a robust set of features and addons. I’m completely satisfied with the purchase of the premium version.


We have enjoyed using the product for years! It just keeps getting better and better. The gold standard for WordPress.


ARMember is a truly an enterprise-level membership plugin. Unlike the majority of membership plugins, ARMember is actually handling multi-thousand users’ websites. Brilliant code quality.


Great plugin, easy to setup, everything is customizable, good code quality, and mostly the customer support is fast and really professional!