Visual Composer Support

ARMember is very flexible which supports Visual Composer to add plugin shortcodes Page / Post.

If you have Visual Composer installed on your website, you can easily add armember plugin shortcodes by just clicking on specific module.

Just go to visual composer “Backend Editor > Add Element”.

As you can see in below picture, you have ARMember tab, that tab will list all shortcodes. By clicking on specific shortcode, popup will be open with shortcode argument options.


Supported Shortcodes:

  • ARMember Form

    Add Forms in page created with ARMember plugin

  • ARMember Edit Profile

    You can create edit profile page by selecting this element.

  • ARMember Logout

    Add Logout link by ARMember plugin.

  • ARMember Membership Setup Wizard

    Add membership setup for frontend user with created setup from ARMember plugin.

  • ARMember Payment Transaction

    Show transaction history to particular user.

  • ARMember My Profile

    Add this element to show user details when it is logged in to system.

  • ARMember Close Account

    Add element to display membership close account page.

  • ARMember Cancel Subscription

    Add this element to provide facility of cancel Subscription link in frontend.

  • ARMember Current Membership

    Add this element to display current membership details of particular user.

  • ARMember Conditional Redirect

    This will provide conditional redirection based on plan along with plan comparison.

  • ARMember Conditional Redirect(User Role)

    Conditional Redirection(User Role): This will provide conditional redirection based on user’s role.

  • ARMember UserName

    Add to display logged in user’s username.

  • ARMember User DisplayName

    Add to display loggedin user’s displayname.

  • ARMember User FirstName LastName

    Add to display loggedin user’s Firstname and Lastname.

Following Image showing a screen : If ARMember Form element is selected, then related options like select form, popup window options of link or button, its text etc.