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ARMember – WordPress Drip Content Plugin For Scheduled Content

“Dripping” content is the process of delaying the release of content in your membership site for site members. ARMember includes full drip/periodic content functionality which allows you to reveal your content periodically. This is provided by an inbuilt module of ARMember “Drip Content”

At Drip Content Tab – you will find a grid listing to manage all drip content rules with columns as shown in the below image.


  • Status– Provides switch to ENABLE or DISABLE rule.
  • Type– Post Type of Post / Page / Custom Post / Custom Content.
  • Name– Title of Post / Page / Custom Post. (Shortcode in case of Custom Content)
  • Drip Type– Drip rule type.
  • Plans– Plan names(Drip Rule will be applied to members of these plans).
  • Members– Number of matching members who will get affected by rule.

You can create drip rules by clicking on Add New Rule button. Also you can update existing rule by clicking on Edit Rule icon.

5 Types of Drip Rules in ARMember



This type of drip rule will be applied immediately after user get subscribed to the relevant plan and also to the users who are already subscribed to that plan.

After certain time of subscription

This type of drip rule will be applied to the members of selected plan after number of days from their starting date of subscription.

Specific date onward (range)

This type of drip rule will be applied to selected plan members in between selected date range. If you select From Date & didn’t select To Date, then this rule will be applied from “From date” to “infinite time”.

After certain time of post is published

This type of drip rule will be applied to selected plan members after x days of selected post/page is published.

After certain time of post is last modified

This type of drip rule will be applied to selected plan members after x days of selected post/page is modified.

Drip Rule for Partial Content of a page/post/custom posts

This setting becomes very useful when you don’t want to Drip full post or page content. So, if you want to drip some specific block of content then this option will work for you.

While adding the Drip Rules, you will find a Custom Content option in Content Type dropdown list. By selecting this option, you will be able to add custom content and along with that, the shortcode for the particular custom content will also be available there.

By using that shortcode in any page/post/custom post you can drip your specific content – the content only added within the shortcode. Other than that all things will work same as drip content for page/post/custom post.


If you have created any drip rule for “custom content” – then it will be available directly in list of shortcode supported with wordpress editor. (Wordpress Editor – more information)


Drip Rules – Metabox

When you add new page/post/custom post, at that time default Drip Rules which are set while configuring the Drip Content will be applied for the pages/post/custom post for that specific type.

So, you can also edit Drip Rules from particular page/post/custom post having meta box in RIGHT options panel. So, that can be changed easily. You will find metabox shown in following image

drip rule metabox

“Before Dripped Content Available” Email Notification for the dripped content.

You can send email message for “Before Dripped Content Available” from Email Notifications. In order to send Drip content URL to user or admin you can add “User Drip Content URL” Template Tag inside Email.

armember drip rules add email notification