Add Free or Paid Post

You are allowed to create unlimited pages/posts (For example, Free Posts, Lifetime Posts, Fixed Duration Posts, Subscription or Recurring Posts etc.).

At Manage Paid Posts you have a grid to manage all paid pages/posts with following columns. Each column is sortable here.

  • Post ID – Shows Post ID you have set.
  • Post title – Shows Post title you have set.
  • Post type – Shows posts is Free or Paid, if it is Paid then it will show AMOUNT with DURATION.
  • Paid Post Members – Shows number of users who has purchased particular posts.

ARMember Admin Dashboard

Add/Edit New Paid Post

Here you will get all different types of Free or Paid post types with various general options and Alternative Content options.

General Options

Some Common Options for paid posts are: ⁣

Content Type

Select Content Type where you want to add your free or paid post.

ARMember Content Type

Select Page

Here you can select the page/post which you want to make a free post or a paid post. Also, you can add multiple pages here to set up all the pages in one go.

Post Type

Select your free or paid posts. As ARMember does provide you a facility to create three different type of paid post.

Alternative Content

Here you can add your restricted posts alternative content.

ARMember to add paid posts

ARMember also provide a facility to set the “Paid Post” from the WordPress Add/Edit Posts directly.

ARMember to add paid posts

Important Note: If member purchase free type post and if member is logged in then free post will be automatically purchased no need to submit setup form!

Important Note: For, Recurring Paid Post type Payment Method will always consider as Semi Automatic (Manual) Payment Method.