WooCommerce Support

WooCommerce Integration – AddOn

This Add-on will allow you to assign ARMember plans to buyers when they purchase WooCommerce Products using WooCommerce interface.

You will find “Woocommerce Integration” under ARMember->Add-ons.

ARmember woocommerce

If this add-on is active, then a new tab “ARMember plan” will be added in product data metabox in add/edit product page from where you can map armember plans with respective product.

ARmember woocommerce

When a buyer will place an order of any WooCommerce product from frontend and when his order status will be changed to ‘Completed’ by admin, then after if any plan is mapped with ordered product, then only mapped plan will be assigned to respective buyer.

Only registered buyers will be assigned with mapped plan. Buyers who checkout as a guest from WooCommerce checkout page will not be assigned mapped plan. So it is recommended to keep “Enable Guest Checkout” option off in WooCommerce Checkout options settings. Also enable “Enable customer registration on the “Checkout” page.” option from WooCommerce “Accounts” settings.

Please note that buyers who will checkout as a guest after purchasing product, will not be assigned a mapped plan. Only registered buyers will be assigned mapped plans. So we recommend to keep “Enable guest checkout” option off from WooCommerce checkout options and also

Buyer must be registered buyer in the system and must not have administrator role as plan will not be assigned to administrator users.

Some Important Notes to be considered while using this add-on:

  • Mark every product as virtual product.
  • If you map any plan which is having “subscription/recurring payment” type, then it will be considered as “semi automatic(Manual)” always. Please refer Payment Methods for understanding how “semi automatic” method will work.
  • If you add any mapped product to cart, then all other products( mapped with ARMember plans) will be removed from the cart. Only one mapped product can be added in the cart. Select Quantity box won’t be shown for a mapped product in product detail page.
  • If payment done properly and product will be marked as virtual then order will be autocomplete.
  • when order is placed and its status is changed to “Completed” then only plan will be assigned to respective buyer.
  • If the order status is changed from “Completed” to “Canceled”, “Failed” OR “Refunded”, then assigned plan will be removed from respective buyer.
  • The plan will be assigned to registered user only. And if the user is already logged in and purchasing a new plan, then after successful order completion, a new plan will be assigned to the user.

AccessRule Support

ARMember provides facility to manage access permission for WooCommerce Product & Product Categories. Also, you can set default rules for new product or product categories created.

ARMember_access_rules_woocommerce ARMember_default_access_rules_woocommerce