Payment Methods For Recurring Plan

ARMember provides two different payment methods for paid subscription/recurring type of plans.

  1. Auto Debit Method
  2. Semi Automatic (Manual) Method

In Back-end administrator user will be able to decide which method will be allowed by each gateway while configuration of plan + sign up page.

Select Payment Method

If “Both” option is selected for any gateway, then at front end while user will purchase any recurring plan using that gateway, he will be allowed to select payment method.

ARMember Payment Mode

Let’s understand how both payment method works:

Auto Debit Method

If user has selected “Auto-debit Method” while purchasing plan, user don’t need to worry for payment of every recurrence ( billing cycle ). Payment will be taken by selected gateway automatically at start of every recurrence. If payment will fail at any occurrence, then “Failed Payment Action” will occure.

Semi Automatic (Manual) Method

If user has selected “Semi Automatic Method” while purchasing plan, then user has to pay manually from your system whenever it is end of the Billing Cycle. User has to come your system and repurchase same plan untill all recurrence of that plan complete. If somehow for any reason, user will not repurchase before next recurrence date, then “Failed Payment Action” will occure. ARMember also provides email notification named “Semi Automatic Subscription Payment Reminder” for sending reminder to all users before their next recurrence date is reached.