Enable Interaction with Bank Transfer

Please note that while uninstalling ARMember, if any user has auto recurring subscription then that will be canceled from payment gateways.

By enabling Bank Transfer Gateway, You will find an option in Configure Plan & Signup Page.

Here you can set fields to display on checkout page like Transaction ID, Bank Name, Account Holder Name, Additional Info/Note & Payment Method. Whichever field you select from here will be required in front end.

If there is zero(0) amount transaction with Bank Transfer and New user approval is auto then that transaction will approved automatically.

When someone signup for paid plan with bank transfer, transaction with pending status will be added in payment history and after that admin will have to Approve/Reject that transaction in order to activate member’s plan.

If Admin Approves transaction, then member’s plan will be activated. If Admin Rejects, member’s transaction will be rejected & plan will be reset.

For Recurring billing plan if you pay with bank transfer, then its payment mode will be considered as “Semi Automatic Subscription”.

Transaction ID Label

Add label for “Transaction ID” option

Bank Name Label

Add label for “Bank Name” option

Account Holder Name Label

Add label for “Account Holder Name” option

Additional Info/Note Label

Add label for “Additional Info/Note” option

Payment Method Label

Add label for “Payment Method Label” option

ARMember Payment Gateways Bank Transfer

Do not allow user to submit transaction data more than on time

When this feature is Enabled then Members will not be able to purchase membership plan which is already purchased using Bank Transfer Payment Gateway and their payment transaction status for that particular plan status is Pending.

ARMember General Settings ( Payment Gateways )