ARMember Group/Umbrella Membership Addon

Group/Umbrella Membership for ARMember
  1. The ARMember Umbrella Group membership addon is a super beneficial addon that allows you to sell group membership by considering the number of “group seats” that you want to give access to the members by allowing them to select the number of members for the selected plan.
  2. It allows the members to subscribe to a membership that consists of “Group Seats”.
  3. This addon simplifies the group membership for you, as a child member can register a group membership account with the number of seats to the groups that are set by parent Member from settings options such as Minimum Child Members Seats, Maximum Child Members Purchase Slab seats.
  4. For Example, a member can get group membership access by selecting the number of child members from the dropdown options.

The Key Features of ARMember Umbrella Group Membership Addon:

  • Provides the option of “Group Membership Settings” with a simple toggle option to Enable it.
  • Allows you to set Minimum Child members seats, Maximum Child Members Seats, and Child Members Purchase Slab
  • Supports parent members to send email invitations to the Child Members through where child members can easily get group member access by signing up a registration form.
  • Provides an option to restrict access to a single page for Child Members from the General Settings option itself.
  • Provides Facility to Manage “Group Membership” From admin panel.
  • Allows admin to Restrict a Page for a Child Users.

Let’s say, for instance, if you enable group membership settings and set the Minimum child members (5), Maximum Child Members (10), and Child Members Purchase Slab (5), then the child members can have the purchase selection as (5, 10, 15, 20, until maximum seats).

Group Membership Settings

Hence, if a parent member selects the group membership for 10 child members for a $10.00 subscription plan, then 1 seat amount will be $2.00 and the total amount payable will be $20.00.

After Purchase “Group Membership” plan, parent user can manage child users by as given below screenshot:

child user invitation code