Social Community Addon

ARMember Social Community Addon

ARMember Social Community addon includes all the features you have expected from any online community, like stunning user profiles from where user can send/accept friend requests to each other, communicate with each other through private messages, user can keep track of other user’s activity, user can give review to each other, user can add post(s) with and can show as news feed.

ARMember Social Community Features

  • Make Friends

    Start making friends by sending/accepting friend request to/from other users and communicate with each other.

  • Private Messaging System

    Users can communicate privately with each other via private messages.

  • Pretty Emoticons

    Send pretty emoticons in messages and express feelings towards your friends.

  • Follow / Unfollow

    Allow your users to start following other users’s activity.

  • Get Reviews on Profile

    Allow your users to give review on other user’s profile. You have access here to keep reviews public, review approved by admin and allow users to change their submitted reviews.

  • Add Posts

    Users can add their posts in their profile. Also a facility for your users to set featured image.

  • News Feed

    Display your users’ posts as news feed.

  • Comments

    Allow your users to add comments on other users’ posts.

  • Like / Dislike Posts

    Users can like / dislike other users’ posts.

  • Activity Stream

    Allow users to view other user’s activities.

Email Notification Settings

ARMember Social Community also provides facility to enable email notifications on different activities like Friend Request Received, Accepted Friend Request, Received New Private Message, Someone Followed You, Someone Liked Your Post, Friend Commented On Your Post. Manage email content from ARMember -> Email Notification.

Manage Community Activities

You can manage all user’s community activities individually like Manage User Posts, Manage User Reviews and Manage User Activities.