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Payment Methods For Recurring Plan

ARMember provides two different payment methods for paid subscription/recurring type of plans. Auto Debit Method Semi Automatic (Manual) Method In Back-end administrator user will be able to decide which method will be allowed by each gateway while configuration of plan + sign up page. If “Both” option is selected for any gateway, then at front […]

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Invite Only Member

This option will be available from “Configure Plan + Signup Page” and Addon “Coupon” is required to be activated. Here, Coupon code will work as “special code / Invite code”. If this option is enabled then user will get an option to add Coupon Code at time of registration and this will be a compulsory […]

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Pre Populate Field Support

Often a form will contain several generic fields that many respondents will answer in the same way. Rather than making users fill in these fields, which can be repetitive and time consuming, you can pre-populate them with the correct information so that, when users open the form, these fields will already be filled in. To […]

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Basics of Configure Plan + Signup Page

Most important thing in ARMember is to integrate your PLANS, your REGISTRATION FORM, your PAYMENT GATEWAYS, COUPONS to membership page along with desired styling for front side.. All these possible only using single shortcode. Go to the Configure Plan + Signup Page menu from the admin interface where you can find a grid containing all […]

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Enable Coupon management

Manage Coupons section will only available if you activate Coupon from Add-ons. Coupon management gives you full functionality to manage discount coupons You are able to generate Random Coupon code while adding coupon OR you can add coupon code manually. Create plan specific coupons. Those coupons can only be used for specific plan payments process. […]

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Steps for Configure Plan + Signup Page

Add New Setup On click “Add New Setup” you will have all options to integrate your payment gateways, plans, etc.. Let’s see each steps in detail: Setup Name Before you start with integration, you will be asked for a name to be assigned to your membership setup for configure plan and signup Page. Basic Configuration […]

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Paid Membership Plan – Payment Process

There are some possible types of plans you can create with different options. Each possible types of plans are described here. Paid Plan (infinite) – Life Time Plan If you select this plan type, you just need to add Amount for your plan. There will be no expiration of user’s membership with this plan. Paid […]

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Add Free/Paid Membership Plans

You are allowed to create unlimited plans (For example, Free Plan, Silver Plan, Gold Plan etc.). At Manage Plan you have a grid to manage all plans with following columns. Each column is sortable here. Plan Name – Shows Title of Plan you have set. Plan Type – Shows subscription is Free or Paid, if […]

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