ARMember provides support to installed ARPrice Plugin in your site. You can open ARMember “Plan+Signup form” or only “Signup form” on button click event of Pricing table by inserting ARMember shortcodes.

There are two ways to allow member registration with pricing table :

  • Page redirection
  • Popup Form

On button click event of pricing table, either redirect user to a page having ARMember registration form or configure plan+signup page shortcode for being register OR open a popup by placing ARMember external form shortcode.

Steps for integrating ARMember with ARPrice are as below:

  1. Generate ARMember “Configure plan+signup” shortcode.

  2. Now edit your ARPrice Template and double click on button, If you want to redirect user to your “Configure Plan+SignUp” page, then add URL of that page in “Button Link” textarea.

    You can hide plan selection area in “Configure Plan+SignUp” page by passing post variable hide_plans=1. Also to keep specific plan selected on that page use subscription_plan=plan_id, do not forget to replace {plan_id} with ID of plan that you want to keep selected as default plan.

    To add post variables go to column setting by clicking on pricing table column, here you will find ‘Post Variables’ text area.

    Post Variables will work only if you have used “Button Link” in button settings.

  3. If you want to open “Configure Plan+SignUp” form in popup when user click on pricing table button, then add external type shortcode of it in ‘Embed Script (e.g. PayPal Code)’ textarea.

You can show your membership plans with all necessary information as pricing table columns with attractive pricing table template and add ARMember form shortcode in each column button, add both post variables shown above, so when user will click on button, he will just see payment gateways and registration form if user is not logged in.

In this way you can user ARMember with ARPrice for beautifully presenting your membership plans.

ARMember provides support to installed BuddyPress Plugin in your site. You can add access rules related to buddypress pages and also ARMember provides support to buddypress extra profile fields mapping with ARMember Signup and Edit Profile form. But For this you need to activate BuddyPress addon from ARMember->Add-ons list.


BuddyPress Restriction

After activating BuddyPress addon, you will find “BuddyPress” in “Type” select box here : ARMember->Acess Rules.


You can add access rules for following BuddyPress sections:

  • Group creation: Only Site members can create new groups.
  • Friendship request: Only site members are allowed to send friendship requests.
  • Private messaging: Only site members are allowed to send private messages.
  • View Member listing: Only site members are allowed to check the Member Directory and Member Profiles.

BuddyPress Profile Fields Mapping

Also We have facility to map BuddyPress profile fields with ARMember Sign Up/Edit Profile form fields.

After activating BuddyPress addon, you will find “BuddyPress” tab in ARMember->General Settings.

Here under “Map with BuddyPress Profile Fields”, you will find all fields from all ARMember sign up forms. With each ARMember field, you can map any BuddyPress Xprofile field.

NOTE: If you have installed and activated “Buddypress Xprofile Custom Fields Type” plugin to add more fields type in BuddyPress, then you can also map all these fileds type with ARMember form fields.

if you have mapped fields properly and saved the settings, then mapped ARMember and BuddyPress Profile will always remain in synchronization. If you don’t want to sync any of the field then just remove its mapping and save the settings.

You can map ARMember user avatar and profile cover with BuddyPress Profile photo and cover photo by keeping respective switch on as shown in screenshot. After saving the settings, BuddyPress and ARMember avatar and profile cover will always remain in synchronization.

BuddyPress Profile Page Mapping

If you want to display ARMember page instead of BuddyPress profile page to the users when they try to access Buddypress profile page, then you can do it by selecting ARMember page in “Select ARMember Profile Page instead BuddyPress profile Page” select box and then save settings. Keep “Select Page” selected here, if you don’t want to map ARMember page with BuddyPress Profile page.

Sync BuddyPress & ARMember

Sync will happen only if you have mapped ARMember fields with BuddyPress fileds and saved settings successfully. please note that this is one time process. It is helpful only when you want to push ARMember user data to BuddyPress OR Pull user data to ARMember from BuddyPress to sync ARMember and BuddyPress.

There are two sync actions provided as below:

  • Pull Data from BuddyPress : If this action is selected, then all mapped ARMember fields will be filled with respective mapped BuddyPress field values.
  • Pull Data from ARMember : If this action is selected, then all mapped BuddyPress fields will be filled with respective mapped ARMember field values.

Select an action and click on ‘Sync’ button, selected sync action will occure. You will need this action once because after this all mapped fields will always remain in synchronization.

WooCommerce Integration – AddOn

This Add-on will allow you to assign ARMember plans to buyers when they purchase WooCommerce Products using WooCommerce interface.

You will find “Woocommerce Integration” under ARMember->Add-ons.

ARmember woocommerce

If this add-on is active, then a new tab “ARMember plan” will be added in product data metabox in add/edit product page from where you can map armember plans with respective product.

ARmember woocommerce

When buyer will place order of any WooCommerce product from front end and when his order status will be changed to ‘Completed’ by admin, then after if any plan is mapped with ordered product, then only mapped plan will be assigned to respective buyer.

Only registered buyers will be assigned with mapped plan. Buyers who checkout as a guest from WooCommerce checkout page willnot be assigned mapped plan. So it is recommended to keep “Enable Guest Checkout” option off in WooCommerce Checkout options settings. Also enable “Enable customer registration on the “Checkout” page.” option from WooCommerce “Accounts” settings.

Please note that, buyers who will checkout as guest after purchasing product, willnot be assigned a mapped plan. Only registered buyers will be assigned mapped plans. So we recommend to keep “Enable guest checkout” option off from WooCommerce checkout options and also

Buyer must be registered buyer in the system and must not have administrator role as plan will not be assigned to administrator users.

Some Important Notes to be considered while using this add-on:

  • Mark every product as virtual product.
  • If you map any plan which is having “subscription/recurring payment” type, then it will be considered as “semi automatic(Manual)” always. Please refer Payment Methods for understanding how “semi automatic” method will work.
  • If you add any mapped product to cart, then all other products( mapped with ARMember plans) will be removed from cart. Only one mapped product can be added in the cart. Select Quantity box won’t shown for mapped product in product detail page.
  • If payment done properly and product will be marked as virtual then order will be autocomplete.
  • when order is placed and its status is changed to “Completed” then only plan will be assigned to respective buyer.
  • If order status is changed from “Completed” to “Canceled”, “Failed” OR “Refunded”, then assigned plan will be removed from respective buyer.
  • The plan will be assigned to registered user only. And if the user is already loggedin and purchasing new plan, then after successful order completion, new plan will be assigned to user.

AccessRule Support

ARMember provides facility to manage access permission for WooCommerce Product & Product Categories. Also you can set default rules for new product or product categories created.

ARMember_access_rules_woocommerce ARMember_default_access_rules_woocommerce

ARMember is very flexible which supports Visual Composer to add plugin shortcodes Page / Post.

If you have Visual Composer installed on your website, you can easily add armember plugin shortcodes by just clicking on specific module.

Just go to visual composer “Backend Editor > Add Element”.

As you can see in below picture, you have ARMember tab, that tab will list all shortcodes. By clicking on specific shortcode, popup will be open with shortcode argument options.


Supported Shortcodes:

  • ARMember Form

    Add Forms in page created with ARMember plugin

  • ARMember Edit Profile

    You can create edit profile page by selcecting this element.

  • ARMember Logout

    Add Logout link by ARMember plugin.

  • ARMember Membership Setup Wizard

    Add membership setup for frontend user with created setup from ARMember plugin.

  • ARMember Payment Transaction

    Show transaction history to perticular user.

  • ARMember My Profile

    Add this element to show user details when it is logged in to system.

  • ARMember Close Account

    Add element to display membership close account page.

  • ARMember Cancel Subscription

    Add this element to provide facility of cancel Subscription link in frontend.

  • ARMember Current Membership

    Add this element to display current membership details of perticular user.

  • ARMember Conditional Redirect

    This will provide conditional redirection based on plan along with plan comparision.

  • ARMember Conditional Redirect(User Role)

    Conditional Redirection(User Role): This will provide conditional redirection based on user’s role.

  • ARMember UserName

    Add to display logged in user’s username.

  • ARMember User DisplayName

    Add to display loggedin user’s displayname.

  • ARMember User FirstName LastName

    Add to display loggedin user’s Firstname and Lastname.

Following Image showing a screen : If ARMember Form element is selected, then related options like select form, popup window options of link or button, its text etc..