Document Category: 3rd Party Plugin Support

myCRED Integration

myCRED will only available if you activate myCRED from Add-ons. myCRED Point Hook Setting Go to Points -> Hooks Here Select ARMember Membership and add active Hooks You Can Setup ARMember Membership myCRED Form ARMember Membership myCRED provides give or take points from users for registering on the website. This built-in hook allows you to […]

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ARPrice Support

ARMember provides support to installed ARPrice Plugin in your site. You can open ARMember “Plan+Signup form” or only “Signup form” on button click event of Pricing table by inserting ARMember shortcodes. There are two ways to allow member registration with pricing table : Page redirection Popup Form On button click event of pricing table, either […]

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BuddyPress Support

ARMember provides support to installed BuddyPress Plugin in your site. You can add access rules related to buddypress pages and also ARMember provides support to buddypress extra profile fields mapping with ARMember Signup and Edit Profile form. But For this you need to activate BuddyPress addon from ARMember->Add-ons list. BuddyPress Restriction After activating BuddyPress addon, […]

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WooCommerce Support

WooCommerce Integration – AddOn This Add-on will allow you to assign ARMember plans to buyers when they purchase WooCommerce Products using WooCommerce interface. You will find “Woocommerce Integration” under ARMember->Add-ons. If this add-on is active, then a new tab “ARMember plan” will be added in product data metabox in add/edit product page from where you […]

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Visual Composer Support

ARMember is very flexible which supports Visual Composer to add plugin shortcodes Page / Post. If you have Visual Composer installed on your website, you can easily add armember plugin shortcodes by just clicking on specific module. Just go to visual composer “Backend Editor > Add Element”. As you can see in below picture, you […]

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