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Membership Card Templates

Membership card Shortcode: [arm_membership_card id=”3″] Membership card Templates ARMember allows to display different membership card template to different plan users. if you want to display membership detail like a card view, then it is possible with ARMember. ARMember provides three different designs for creating membership card templates. You can create membership card templates as many […]

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Social Profile Fields

This option will be enabled if “Social Feature inbuilt module of ARMember is activated.” This Feature is not related to Social Signin/Connect. This will provide fields for signup forms and Edit Profile forms. When you enable Social Feature add-on, you will find one option in Registration/Signup from Editor shown in following image. You will find […]

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Basics of Profile & Directory Template

To add user profile and member directory to your website, “Profiles & Directories” section will available when you activate “Social Feature” from ARMember -> Add-ons ARMember provides 3 types of predefined templates : Member Profile Templates, Member Directory Templates and Membership Card Templates. Number of predefined templates are available for users profiling. Number of predefined […]

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Member Directory Templates

ARMember Provides five ready made templates for member listing/member directory. Following are the operation that can be performed with Member Directory Template: Add Template You can add directory template by clicking on Add Template box in Members Directory Templates section. All options to set template are dynamic. You can set by your own that whether […]

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Member Profile Templates

Note: When you enable Social Feature first time, Default Profile page will be inserted with profile template shortcode automatically. This page will be used as user’s profile page. You can change profile page at anytime from Page Setup. When add-on is activated, default one profile template is created. Also you can add more profile templates. […]

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