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Reports To view the report of all members and their payments, go to the Reports menu from the admin interface. From the above screen you can view the overall count of the Registered Members and Payments done in your site. It will display Total Members and Payments and Recent Members and Payments which is past […]

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Navigation menu metabox support

ARMember provides facility to add your forms in many ways like, In Page (Internal) Directly Add Shortcode to page. External popup window Directly Add Shortcode in page as Link/Button to open form in a popup window. Navigation Menu Link Directly add Link to your navigation menu from Them Appearance > Menus Here you will find […]

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WP Editor Shortcode Button

ARMember leads to – No more shortcode copy/paste. Add plugin shortcodes in Post, Pages directly with visual editor. In Popup, you will find list of all plugin shortcodes with parameters, values and descriptions for specific shortcode. Editor Shortcode Button As you can see in below screenshot, There are two buttons Membership Shortcodes & Restrict Content. […]

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Front sidebar widgets

ARMember provides ready to use sidebar widgets with custom options for front-end. Member Form Widget You can easily add your registration, login, forgot password or change password form in sidebar using this widget. Latest Members Widget This widget will display recently added members list or slider. You can limit the number of recent members to […]

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Admin Dashboard Widgets

ARmember Providers you Dashboard widgets to easily track your site statistics. There are three widgets available in dashboard: ARMember Statistics Here you can track site statistics like Total Members, Active Members, Inactive Members & Membership Plans. Also you can see graphs for Recent Members & Members By Plans. Recent Members This will give you list […]

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Brief of Social Features

This add-on will include following features: After activation of this add-on, you will find “Profiles & Directories” and “Badges & Achievements” links in left side admin menu under ARMember Tab. Public Profile & Profile-Directory Templates This Feature provides number of ready to use user public profile templates and users listing templates with styling and formatting […]

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