ARMember provides facility to add your forms in many ways like,

  • In Page (Internal)

    Directly Add Shortcode to page.


  • External popup window

    Directly Add Shortcode in page as Link/Button to open form in a popup window.

    ARMember Shortcode in for popup modal

  • Navigation Menu Link

    Directly add Link to your navigation menu from Them Appearance > Menus

    Here you will find 2 navigation meta boxes, one for Member Forms and second is for the Configured plans and setup forms.

    This link will open form in Modal Window Directly.


    • Armember Forms

      It will give you the list of all signup forms and login, forgot password, change password forms created in your system

    • Armember Configure Plan & Setup

      It will give you the list of all setup forms created in your system

    • Armember Logout

      It will give you the Logout Link – That can be directly added to menu from here.

  • Navigation Menu Link show/hide options

    Through this option you can set link option to whom you want to show the particular link (For example: Display to All, Only Logged in User, Only non logged in User). You can check it in following image:


    This setting will work with single links in menu plus parent child menu links. If the menu is having all links without submenus then each link display option will work individually. And if the menu has submenu links then it will follow the case like (sub menu will be hide when parent is hide according to display settings, and if parent is shown in menu then child menu link will be shown or hide as per its individual option. )

ARMember leads to – No more shortcode copy/paste.

Add plugin shortcodes in Post, Pages directly with visual editor. In Popup, you will find list of all plugin shortcodes with parameters, values and descriptions for specific shortcode.

Editor Shortcode Button

As you can see in below screenshot, There are two buttons Membership Shortcodes & Restrict Content.

After clicking on Membership Shortcodes, a popup will open as shown below.

Membership Shortcodes

Here you can find available number of tabs.

  • Forms

    By using this option, you can add form shortcodes like Registration, Login, Forgot Password, Change Password, Edit Profile.

    Also you can set shortcode arguments according to form. For Example(Include form with Modal or direct in page, form position (With Respect to its container), Logged In Message)

    Logged In Message: This message will be shown to user he/she is already logged in and try to access registration, login, forgot password form.

  • Membership Setup Wizard

    You can add membership setup wizard shortcode from here. Also you have option to set whether you want to display setup title or not.

  • Action Buttons

    You can add action buttons like Social Login Buttons, Logout from here.

    There are also other options available according to action button type. i.e. you can set link type, link text, link styling etc for Logout shortcode.

  • Others

    You can add My Profile, Payment Transactions Current Membership & Conditional Redirection Conditional Redirection(User Role) Close Account Current User Information Check If User In Trial Period User Badge User Plan Information shortcodes with different arguments from here.

    Conditional Redirection: This will provide conditional redirection based on plan along with plan comparison.

    Conditional Redirection(User Role): This will provide conditional redirection based on user’s role.

    Current User Information: By using this option you can display username as ‘username’, ‘display name’, ‘first name and last name’. For more information check in shortcode section.

    Current Membership: This will show user’s current membership, and a link to change subscription. You can display Renew Subscription Button along with its formatting and label and also you can display button of Update Card details for active subscription.

    Check If User In Trial Period: This will Show / Hide specific content to users who are currently in trial period.

    User Badge: This will Show current user’s badge information.

    User Plan Information: This will display current user’s specific plan information like start date, end date, next renewal date, trial start, trial end, grace end, total complete recurrence, payment gateway, payment mode, patyment cycle.

  • If Conditions

    You can add advanced level conditional shortcode from here. To get detail about this conditional shortcode, please click here.

  • Drip Content

    You can drip your custom (partial) content using drip shortcode from here. you will find a list of custom content drip rules in this section. To get detail about this drip shortcode, please click here.

    Drip Content section will only available if you activate Drip Content from Add-ons.

Restrict Content

You can add Partial Content Locker using this shortcode. To get detail about this section, please click here

ARMember provides ready to use sidebar widgets with custom options for front-end.

  • Member Form Widget

    You can easily add your registration, login, forgot password or change password form in sidebar using this widget.


  • Latest Members Widget

    This widget will display recently added members list or slider. You can limit the number of recent members to display. Other Slider effects are available: Slide, Fade, Direct Scroll, Cover, Uncover


  • ARMember Login Widget

    This widget will Display currently logged in Member profile.


ARmember Providers you Dashboard widgets to easily track your site statistics. There are three widgets available in dashboard:

ARMember Statistics

Here you can track site statistics like Total Members, Active Members, Inactive Members & Membership Plans.

Also you can see graphs for Recent Members & Members By Plans.

ARMember_statstic_1 ARMember_statstic_2 ARMember_statstic_3

Recent Members

This will give you list of 5 recently added members with their membership plan. You can view all members by clicking on View All Members link.

Recent Payments

This widget will keep track of recently made payments along with information of membership plan, amount & payment status. You can view all payment history by clicking on View All Transactions link.


This add-on will include following features:

After activation of this add-on, you will find “Profiles & Directories” and “Badges & Achievements” links in left side admin menu under ARMember Tab.

  • Public Profile & Profile-Directory Templates

    This Feature provides number of ready to use user public profile templates and users listing templates with styling and formatting options. For More Details click here.

  • Member Badges & Achievements

    This is the feature which will be helpful to show your concern towards those members who are more active on your site. Give users badges either manually or automatically based on some event triggers ( when they reach a certain number of posts, or comments). For More Details click here.

  • Social Profile fields support for Signup and Edit Profile forms

    Here you will get an option to add social profile fields in Registration/Signup form Editor. Those fields will be available in edit profile form as well. For More Details click here.