If you are using any captcha or spam protection plugin, then please avoid use of it with ARMember. As ARMember provides strong in built anti spam mechanism, so you don’t need to use any ugly looking catcha with any ARMember sign up/login form for spam protection.

It is recommended not to use any captcha or spam protection plugins when you are using ARMember for user signup/login.

We are bit confident that spam entry is not possible with ARMember sign up/login and still anytime if you will have doubt that you are getting spam with ARMember, then you can let us know but before that please first check from where exactly spam is entered in your website. In ARMember View Member page, you can see from where member is registered. Please have a look at below screenshot.


All the fields you will add in any of sign up forms will be automatically added in the list of “Preset Fields” section of form builder. Sometimes it happens that some fields becomes unnecessary so you will remove that fields from sign up form, but those fields will still remain as it is in “Preset Fields” section even if they were deleted, so you can add them in the form from Preset Field, if again needed in future.

But sometimes you have added fields for testing purpose and then deleted those fields from forms. If those fields will not be deleted from Preset Fields, then Preset Field list will be longer and longer. Also those deleted fields will be displayed in “Edit Member” page of administrator area. So you must need some way to clear these unused fields from everywhere.

For these, ARMember Provides Clear From Field setting in General Settings.


Suppose you have added a text box of “Address” in sign up form. So it will be also added in Preset Fields section. Now if you have deleted address field for any reason. But it still appears in “Preset Fields” section.


Now to remove “Address” field from “Preset Field” section, use “Clear Form Field” button. Click on it, then popup will open as shown below.


From popup, you can select all the fields that you want to delete from everywhere. You will see some checkboxes remain disabled as they are default fields and cannot be deleted from sign up form. Checkboxes for other fields will be enabled only if that fields were deleted from sign up form first.

If data entry exists for any of those fields, then you will see “(Entry Exist)” in red letter beside that field checkbox. Now Select all the fields, that you want to delete from everywhere and click OK button. That’s it. All selected unused fields will be removed from everywhere.

Often a form will contain several generic fields that many respondents will answer in the same way. Rather than making users fill in these fields, which can be repetitive and time consuming, you can pre-populate them with the correct information so that, when users open the form, these fields will already be filled in. To do so, you will need the form’s URL and the variable names associated with the fields they want to fill in.

Field values can be passed into a form by appending them to the form’s URL using the following structure:


Replace baseURL with the form’s URL, variable1 with the name attribute associated with the field to be filled in and value with the appropriate field value. To fill in multiple fields, insert the ampersand symbol (&) before any additional variables:

For Example:
There are three icons (Edit Field Options, Sort Field Order & Delete Field) at right side of each field which are displayed there, on hover of specific row.
  • Edit Field Options

    By clicking on this icon, Popup with field options will be open. Then you will find different types of field options like label, placeholder, options for check box, radio buttons & select box, whether to set required field or not, meta key, blank & invalid field message, prefix/suffix icons, map with buddypress fields etc, related to field type. By editing particular “Text Field” – you will get option to set validation for that field from the drop down options like: Only Numbers Only Alphabets Only Numbers and Only Alphabets Regular Expression. This validation option is not available for username, email and password fields.

    Additional field options for username, firstname, lastname:
    Hide username field and assign username with email:  If you will check this, username field will be hide from registration form and edit profile form in front-end and Email value will be taken as user name.

    Hide First Name: If you will check this, First Name field will be hide from registration form in front-end. Please Note, First Name will not be hide from edit profile form even if it is hidden in registration form.

    Hide Last Name: If you will check this, Last Name field will be hide from registration form in front-end. Please Note, Last Name will not be hide from edit profile form even if it is hidden in registration form.

    If you hide First Name and Last Name fields at Sign up Form then these fields will also be hide at Edit Profile Form at front.

  • Sort Field Order

    Using this icon, you can arrange(sort) field position. You need to Drag & Drop field for set field position.


  • Delete Field

    By clicking on this icon, you will be asked for conformation about deletion of that specific item. If you want to delete field then click Delete button otherwise Cancel.

    You will be given rights to delete your custom fields. You can not delete default fields.


Font-Awesome Support


There are two sections – Basic Options & Advanced Options for form settings & styling.

In Basic options, you can manage form display direction (Horizontally & Vertically), form width, form style, color schemes & form submit actions etc..

If Opt-ins feature is enable & properly configured, you will find Opt-ins section here where you can map registration form with Email Marketing Tools. You just have to select tool & specific list name. We have internally mapped required form fields with Email Marketing Tools.

ARMember_form_basic_options ARMember_form_advanced_options

When you are editing Set of forms(login,forgot password,change password), You will find basic options for each login, forgot password & change password forms. Different options are available for redirection after form submit, display message after form submit, forgot password link, registration link, social login option.

Note: Display Social Login option will only available if Social Connect / Login feature is enabled.

  • Form Options

    Here you have all main options related to form styling such as form width, form border options, padding and form background options. You have choice whether form title should be displayed or not. You can also change form title styling & position.

  • Color Options

    ARmember provides total 12 different preset color schemes. You can also set your custom color options by clicking on paint brush icon.

  • Input Field Options

    Here you have all inputs related options to manage styling of all the input fields like textbox, textarea, radio buttons, checkboxes etc. You can set field width, field spacing and border of normal state & active state. You can set field border size and its radius etc… You can also set spacing between two fields.

    You also have other options such as text direction, font options, Calendar styling option for datetime picker controls.

  • Label Options

    Here you will have labels related all options such as label width, position, alignment & font options. Even there is an option to hide label if you don’t want to display labels.

  • Submit Button Options

    Here you have buttons related all options to manage styling of submit button. You can set submit button width and height, button border radius, font settings, margin, button position etc.

  • Custom Css

    Add Custom css according to your site designing, if required.

Manage Forms

Here you can manage all forms like registration & other forms as set of (login, forgot password & change password) and Additional Shortcodes List.

Form Templates

We are providing number of ready to use form templates for Registration/Signup form as well as set of login, forgot password, change password forms.

Those templates are ready with some specific layouts. You can select any of them and also edit it for your form as per requirement.

This option, to chose template for your form will only be available at time of creating a form.

One more option is there for Redirection URL.

This option is useful when you want to redirect user to specific url after successful login. Her two shorcodes are supported :

  • {ARMCURRENTUSERNAME} : add current user’s username in url
  • {ARMCURRENTUSERID} : add current user’s id in url

So, this option will be helpful if you directly want to redirect users to their related profile page.(For example: profile page of buddypress having username or userid in its url.)


Form Editor

– Registration/Signup forms can be editable individually.

– Login, Forgot Password & Change Password – All the settings will apply to those three forms commonly.


Form Elements With Drag & Drop Feature

Note:Form Elements are only available for Registration forms.

You can add Preset Fields or Form Fields in registration form by Drag & Drop or clicking on specific field.

Preset fields contains – a list of preset basic fields as well as your last added custom fields.

Form fields contains – a list of all form elements. After adding form fields, you might need to update field options for unique field meta key. (User avatar filed is available with image cropper with web and mobile support.)


ARMember Provide fully dynamic form builder for :

  1. SignUp/Registration
  2. Login
  3. Forgot Password
  4. Change Password
  5. Edit Member Profile

Form Builder Features

  • Create Unlimited Registration Forms, Login Forms, Forgot Password Forms and Change Password Forms
  • Embed forms using shortcode in your site
  • Number of ready to use Form Templates are availalbe.
  • Drag & Drop preset fields & user fields support
  • Different Form Layouts are available,

    • Standard Style
    • Material Style ( Default )
    • Rounded Style
  • Ready to use Preset fields & Form fields. ( No Need to configure settings.)
  • Font-Awesome icons Support ( For form input fields )
  • RTL Support
  • Color Scheme options to customize form layout/design.
  • Field Layout & Label Alignment Options
  • Additional Shortcodes arm_logout for Logout, arm_edit_profile for Edit / Update Profile and arm_social_login for Display Social Network Buttons.

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