Document Category: Drip/Scheduled Content

Drip Rule for Custom Content

This setting becomes very useful when you don’t wont to Drip whole post or page content. So, if you want to drip some specific block of content then this option will work for you. While adding drip rules, you will find Custom Content option in Content Type drop down list. By selecting this option you […]

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Drip Rules Terms Info

Please make sure that drip rule on page/post certainly work only if Default Restriction for that page/post is ON as well as user’s plan(s) are not allowed access for that page/post at Access Rules. At Drip Content Tab – you will find a grid listing to manage all drip content with following columns. Each column […]

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Enable Drip Content for your site

Drip Content section will only available if you activate Drip Content from Add-ons. “Dripping” content is the process of scheduling the release of content in your membership site for your members. ARMember includes full drip/scheduled content functionality which allows you to set delay for releasing your content to your members. Set your schedule content based […]

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