This setting becomes very useful when you don’t wont to Drip whole post or page content. So, if you want to drip some specific block of content then this option will work for you.

While adding drip rules, you will find Custom Content option in Content Type drop down list. By selecting this option you will be able to add custom content and along with that one related shortcode be available there.

By using that shortcode in any page/post/custom post you can drip your specific content – the content only added within the shortcode. Other than that all things will work same as drip content for page/post/custom post.


If you have created any drip rule for “custom content” – then it will be available directly in list of shortcode supported with wordpress editor. (Wordpress Editor – more information)


At Drip Content Tab – you will find a grid listing to manage all drip content with following columns. Each column is sortable here.

  • Status – Provides switch to ENABLE or DISABLE rule.
  • Type – Post Type of Post / Page / Custom Post / Custom Content.
  • Name – Title of Post / Page / Custom Post. (Shortcode in case of Custom Content)
  • Drip Type – Drip rule type.
  • Plans – Plan names(Rule will be applied to members of these plans).
  • Members – Number of matching members who will get affected by rule.

You can create drip rules by clicking on Add New Rule button. Also you can update existing rule by clicking on Edit Rule icon.

You can add three types of drip rules:



This type of drip rule will be applied directly to selected plan members.

After certain time of subscription

This type of drip rule will be applied to the members of selected plan after number of days of their subscription start date.

Specific date onward (range)

This type of drip rule will be applied to selected plan members in between selected date range. If you select From Date & didn’t select To Date, then this rule will be applied starting from “from date” to “infinite time”.

After certain time of post is published

This type of drip rule will be applied to selected plan members after x days of selected post/page is published.

After certain time of post is last modified

This type of drip rule will be applied to selected plan members after x days of selected post/page is modified.

Some common options like Bulk Actions, Search Box, Entries row actions and Pagination are available.


Drip Content section will only available if you activate Drip Content from Add-ons.


“Dripping” content is the process of scheduling the release of content in your membership site for your members. ARMember includes full drip/scheduled content functionality which allows you to set delay for releasing your content to your members.

Set your schedule content based on – immediately, after certain time of subscription or specific date onward(date range).

Drip Rules will work only for posts/pages for which access rules are set from Access Rules section. Only restricted posts/pages can be dripped from Drip Rules.

Ex., If post A is not restricted from Access Rules and even though if you have set drip rule for it like ‘post A should be accessible only after specific date (15/01/2015) for plan A users’, then post A will remain open before 15/01/2015 for all users, as no access rules are not set for post A.
This is how Drip Rules & Access Rules will work together.

WARNING: Drip Rule will not work as expected while testing against an Administrator who is logged in. Administrator do have gain full access to all content.