Default Restriction Rules

Restrict Admin Panel

If it is required for you to restrict admin panel access from non-admin users, please check this option.

If you have enabled this option, then admin panel will be accessible only by all users who have either ‘Administrator’ role OR selected roles in ‘Exclude role..’ select box.

ARMember General Settings

Block RSS feeds

You can restrict users to check RSS feeds. If this switch is on, then feeds will be completely hidden even though accessible according to access rules set for plan members (non-members cannot access the feed).

Restrict Site Access Without Login

ARMember General Settings

You can restrict whole site for non-logged in members. When this option enable, you can set default page to display to non-logged in users.

If you enable this facility then any other pages will not be accessible by non-logged users except some pages like registration page, forgot password page OR selected pages in ‘Exclude pages..’ select box.

Allow restricted Pages/Posts in listing

If you enable this switch then restricted content will be displayed in listing only.

Default Access Rules

This section contains all default options related to access rules.

As ARMember provides to set protection on existing Pages, Posts, Categories, etc. from Access Rules Page, but what about if new page or post is created afterwards?

For new items you are able to set access rules here. Click on input you will get list of all plans. You can add multiple plans here.

So these default settings of access rules will be applied when any new item get created.

You can set protection on following items:

  • New Pages
  • New Posts
  • New Categories
  • New Navigation Menus
  • New Custom Posts
  • New Custom Taxonomies