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ARMember Invoice

Go to the Invoice Template tab at General Settings page. Where you can change in default template for invoice which can be directly print out by admin from ARMemebr->Payment History. Invoice will open in popup when you click on View Invoice action button in Payment History. Here in popup Print button is available from where […]

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ARMember – Redirection Rules

Go to the Redirection Rules tab at General Settings page. Where you can set default redirection rules for login, registration, plan + signup, social connect. Login Form Redirection Rules From here, you can set rules for redirecting user after successful login from ARMember login form. ARMember provides two options for login redirection. These rules apply […]

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Default Restriction Rules

Restrict Admin Panel If it is required for you to restrict admin panel access from non-admin users, please check this option. If you have enabled this option, then admin panel will be accessible only by all users who have either ‘Administrator’ role OR selected roles in ‘Exclude role..’ select box. Block RSS feeds You can […]

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Custom Common Messages

Here You can set default Error messages and Success messages required when particular action will occur. Go to the Common Messages Tab at General Settings to configure Error messages and Success messages. You will find following related sections to add messages: Login Related Messages Here you can manage login form related messages. Forgot Password Messages […]

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ARMember – Security Options

Go to the Security Options Tab at General Settings to add Security options. Brute Force login protection: Login pages are highly protected by brute-force prevention mechanism. ARMember is providing a very secure login mechanism. Provides Setting for temporary blocking mechanism. Provides to set the allowed number of login attempts. Manage blocked member blocking time interval. […]

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Opt-ins – Provide Ease of Email Marketing

Email marketing is popular with companies as it is significantly cheaper and faster way to be in market by sending emails to your members. ARMember->General Settings->Opt-ins section will only available if you activate Opt-ins from ARMember->Add-ons. By using this, your mailing lists will be kept up-to-date automatically when new members join or when an existing […]

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Auto Page Setup

ARMember provides all required default pages. But if you want to create new pages according to requirement then you can create them and assign/map related page here in this option. Go to the Page Setup Tab at General Settings to map pages. Pages you can set here are listed below: Registration Page Login Page Forgot […]

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ARMember General Option

After installation and activation of the plugin, check about basic configuration of ARMember plugin. Go to the General Settings menu from the admin interface. Here you will get number of tabs such as General, Payment Gateways, Page Setup etc.. Let’s check each option in detail: General Options Hide Admin Bar This option is providing you […]

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