WooCommerce Payment Gateway Integration

WooCommerce Payment Gateway Integration

ARMember’s WooCommerce integration is one of its powerful addons that enables you to connect your ARMember-based membership website with the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin WooCommerce. It’s perfect to combine the power of ARMember and WooCommerce under a single roof and allows you to build a comprehensive membership website with the required e-commerce capabilities.

Activating this addon will bring an array of advantages capable enough to give the next edge to your membership website. From selling membership plans, paid posts, additional products or services, or managing any ecommerce functionality under your membership website, this addon entails everything you need.

On top of everything else, you can also leverage the power of WooCommerce functionality while selling your membership/subscription plans. Users can choose WooCommerce as a payment gateway while purchasing the membership plans or paid posts you offer on your membership website.

Once you activate the addon, you can enable woocommerce like other payment gateways from ARMember > General Settings > Payment Gateways.

Now, you are all set to configure WooCommerce as a payment gateway in Configure + Signup Page configuration settings.